March 31, 2023

HYPOCRISY: GOP doctor’s stunning attack on President Biden

HYPOCRISY: GOP doctor's stunning attack on President Biden

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A Republican legislator who previously served as White House doctor is lashing out at President Joe Biden with accusations that are not only baseless but ironic, considering the man’s own alleged history of substance abuse on the job.

Representative Dr. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), who an investigation found to have engaged in inappropriate conduct and on-duty substance use during his time as a White House medic, has turned to right-wing media to engage in conspiracy theories about President Biden and deflection of his own shortcomings.

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In an interview, Jackson postulated that Biden could be using drugs to stay “hopped up;” that there is “something wrong” with the president and that “everyone knows it;” that Democrats want him out of office; and that even the Commander in Chief’s sunglasses are a symptom of cognitive decline.

He hinted at some conspiracy in the delay in releasing records from Biden’s routine physical, and Jackson and the host speculated on whether it would include a cognitive test — and if so, whether the results would be real or falsified.

Jackson spoke with a straight face as though presenting facts throughout — despite the outcome of an investigation of which he himself was the subject.

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“The report outlines two instances of Jackson reportedly drinking alcohol on presidential trips in violation of protocol…Six witnesses, all medical personnel, raised questions about Jackson’s fitness to provide care to senior government officials during long flights, when he would take the prescription medication Ambien to combat insomnia,” Forbes reported in 2021.

Aside from alleged substance abuse, the report also concludes that Jackson made “sexual and denigrating” comments about a female medical worker while he was under the influence of substances.
If that’s not enough scandal in Jackson’s career, he also raised eyebrows with his glowing reviews of Donald Trump’s health — outdone only by Trump’s previous doctor, Harold Bornstein, who declared that Trump would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” as NPR documented.
Jackson himself declared Trump to be “sharp” and praised his “excellent” performance on a cognitive test meant to check for signs of dementia.
Trump, too, seemed to find that quiz — which includes questions like identifying animals and remembering several words over a period of time ( remember “man, woman, camera, TV”?) — to be a high bar and has boasted about it regularly since.
Now Jackson hints that Biden, who just got props for outwitting GOP hecklers at his State of the Union Address, will never release the results of such an assessment.
Watch the clip below, in which he demands the full results of Biden’s exam (as a matter of course, presidents choose how much they will release) as well as a cognitive test, and suggests that the president is relying on drug use to stay upright, and using sunglasses only because of mental decline.

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