April 1, 2023

CRUZ OOZE: Ted’s talk is full of Trumpocrisy

CRUZ OOZE: Ted's talk is full of Trumpocrisy

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Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was already the least-liked person in the Senate when he became Donald Trump’s permanent subhuman toilet AND bidet by fully complying after Trump publicly called his wife a dog more than once.

Ted Ooze really makes it all too easy to drag him, which leaves us with a huge question: Is it a coping mechanism, or is he just a masochist?

Because he seems to have fully embraced how much everyone hates him.

Cruz is often dispatched to the Sunday news shows to run his flapping wet amphibious Trumpmouth about how the Biden administration is failing when it absolutely isn’t, and this week was no exception.

Ted Cruz roasted in political ad by 'School of Rock' and 'Slacker' director Richard Linklater - MarketWatch

The Disaster Artist Formerly Known As Raphael was on CBS‘s “Face the Nation” on Sunday morning promoting his new bill introducing term limits on members of Congress — even though he’s been in the Senate since 2012 and is running for his third consecutive term.

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Cruz tried to duck anchor Margaret Brennan’s direct questions but got trapped by his own ectoplasm.

Somewhere in here is his claim that he would “comply” with his own bill, if it passes, while avoiding answering whether he intends to run for President in 2024.

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Ol’ Cancun Cruz also tried to do the false equivalence thing with President Joe Biden and the Chinese Balloon Over America insanity that the GOP jumped on this week as yet another distraction from Trump’s multiple legal woes.

BTW, this actually happened during the Trump administration MORE THAN ONCE but none of the Trumpocrites went on the teevee to rage-shart about it, weird!

Also, the debris from the balloon spanned about seven miles once it was shot down over the ocean, so it’s good that it wasn’t shot down over land, although who knows what kind of effects it might have on the oceans once it really starts drifting.

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Why does the GOP want to kill off their voting base?

It’s a valid question that no one expects Senator Wheelie Bag to answer, but your intrepid contributor here will never stop trying.

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Tara Dublin

Tara Dublin is a woefully unrepresented writer who thinks more people would read her cool rock & roll love story inspired by Dave Grohl than any ghostwritten GOP crapbook, agents & publishers. Follow Tara on Twitter @taradublinrocks

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