March 20, 2023

TOXIC FOX: Fox News anchors are encouraging viewers to go to work sick

OXIC FOX: Fox News anchors are encouraging viewers to go to work sick

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In the Before Times, it was unheard of for anyone in any kind of competitive environment to call out sick for any reason. Sickness = weakness for some reason. So dumb.

Showing up to work sick, despite the risk of infecting co-workers, was somehow seen as a sign of personal fortitude: I can feel this crappy and still do my job.

Then the Coronavirus pandemic changed what it meant if you showed up to work sick, with the subsequent years seeing millions adapt to taking remote jobs. By now, people are back out there, and most of us have accepted the social contract that it’s just not cool to be sick outside of your house anymore, mask or no mask.

You know when you’re stay-home-sick, buddy, there’s no shame in it.

Unless you work for Fox News. Then nothing short of a coma should keep you from your daily hatemongering and shaming of people who are capable of caring about others.

Fox News Talk Show 'The Five' Adjusts to Work-From-Home Era | Next TV

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The schoolyard bully hosts of Fox NewsThe Five are trying to bring back that whole “Ah, what are you, a pussy?” tone along with the return to having to mix with your co-workers again.

Paid sick leave was the topic, and anything that helps people is anathema to Republicans, who still can’t seem to explain the tactic of killing off their voting base.

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Filling in for regular host Dana Perino, anchor Martha MacCallum said on Friday’s show that she’s not “big on sick days. I don’t think that you necessarily should have, like, the six sick days every year.”

MacCallum is an embarrassment to the rest of us Jersey Girls, btw.

She’s all, it’s “really bogus” for workers to take a preemptive sick day, saying, “So we just come in and cough all over each other and push through. I mean, that’s the way we work.”

Maybe Martha can infect her awful dickbag co-host Jesse “Smug Eyebrows” Watters, who has repeatedly stalked younger women and forced them into dating him, and said he “never” takes off for illness, “especially” because he’s “on TV.”

Yeah, it would be such a shame to deprive the airways of your wooden dumbface, Watters.

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Juxtaposed with scary COVID facts, it just makes me wonder why Fox News is actively trying to kill off its audience.

Dead people can’t support advertisers or vote for MAGA candidates, so how about NOT going anywhere if you’re feeling sick?

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