DRAG-GING DESANTIS: Florida Gov. just filed a ridiculous complaint against an all-ages drag show

DRAG-GING DESANTIS: Florida Gov. files complaint against foundation over all-ages Xmas drag show

Ultra-“Florida Man” Ron DeSantis lives in a house full of closets, one of which contains his fainting couch.

It’s the only way to explain his extreme overreaction to the Orlando Philharmonic Plaza Foundation’s presentation of “A Drag Show Christmas” which was *CLUTCH THOSE PEARLS* open to people of all ages.

While drag can be very sexy, drag queens also know their audiences.

If they’re doing a family-friendly event, they’ll keep it vocally clean for the kids while making sly references for the parents, a la “Looney Tunes” or “SpongeBob.”

Anyone who can make kids’ entertainment palatable for adults should be rewarded, not canceled.

But Gov. DeathSantis actually filed a complaint that sounds like something right out of the Dark Ages: Miz Ron-duh claimed the foundation used “Christmas-themed promotional materials” that “did not give advance notice” of the “sexually explicit nature” of the show’s contents.

Last chance to deck the hells at 'A Drag Queen Christmas' - Photo courtesy Murray + Peter
We’re too sexy for mediocre Florida Men to handle, Henny!

You’d think the fully repressed Governor of Florida would have higher priorities than worrying about a holiday drag show, but he’d clearly rather MAGA micro-manage other peoples’ bodies than face the reality of his own.

Miz Ron-duh previously filed a complaint against a Miami restaurant in July, alleging that it violated a “public decency law” by “allowing children to attend a drag show” and accused them of trying to “sexualize” youth.

Look how pathetic this is. Yeah, how dare they interfere with the GOP’s grooming?

Miz Ron-duh must have some lingering questions regarding his basic biology.

You can’t walk around in boots like these unless you’re doing some serious experimenting with your new lewk.


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