March 22, 2023

DIAMOND CONSPIRACY: Trump superfan has an INSANE new theory about her sister’s death

DIAMOND CONSPIRACY: Trump superfan has an INSANE new theory about her sister's death

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Since the death of Trump superfan Diamond (Lynette Hardaway), her sister and co-host Silk (Rochelle Richardson) has shifted the grift to conspiracy theories concerning that demise, with her latest claim settling on poison sprayed into the air by the U.S. Government.

At Diamond’s funeral, Silk promoted the wild notion that her sister had actually died from the COVID-19 vaccine that the pair railed against, settling on the bizarre theory that it was because vaccinated people “shed” the virus (despite guest star and former president Donald Trump being vaccinated).

Since then, there have been rumors and questions about whether Diamond was immunized against COVID-19, or whether the virus may have taken her life, as it has the lives of over a million other Americans.

Spoiler alert: her death certificate lists “heart disease” as the cause of death. 

On her latest podcast, Silk ranted about emails she’d received, but refused to say whether Diamond had been vaccinated, citing “legal purposes,” and asking her audience, “If you knew that the vaccine, the thing that they call a vaccine was a bioweapon?” and indicating that the answer to that question should provide a “clear answer.”

In between promoting Mike Lindell’s website and an item of jewelry in Diamond’s memory, Silk got around to the new conspiracy theory, suggesting that the vaccine has been released into the air, and that it’s killing people like her sister. She said:

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“It don’t matter if you’re vaxed or not, because when you’re talking about a bioweapon that is engineered and created to affect all of us, it don’t matter…On the last show that Diamond was on, she was concerned about something being sprayed in the air, and I agreed with her there was something being sprayed in the air, and now my sister is dead today.”

“It’s not just about you getting jabbed,” she said. “It’s about all Americans being affected by this bioweapon that’s been released on our country…are we being poisoned through the air?”

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Near the end of the podcast, Silk and family members invited to commemorate Diamond’s life seemed to also suggest that the podcaster’s death was somehow linked to political events taking place in the past month, discussing how when events hit the news, they would always contact her for information, and “get an earful.”

“With her being a warrior,” Silk said, “I realized this is a spiritual warfare…Do y’all see all the stuff that’s starting to open up, to come to pass?”

She promised that in future shows, she’ll further address her beliefs on vaccine shedding, bioweapons, and of course, election integrity, and closed by dropping “promo code: DIAMOND” for a discount on a product marketed to treat irritation under face masks.

The full episode is here.

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