April 2, 2023

TRUTH’S CONSEQUENCES: NY AG asks judge to sanction Trump & his main three adult kids

TRUTH'S CONSEQUENCES: NY AG asks judge to sanction Trump & his main three adult kids

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If Donald Trump is still breathing, he’s lying.

It’s a genetic trait he’s passed on to his three main adult children (Tiffany really dodged a bullet no matter how many residual Daddy issues she might have, and we leave Barron alone, poor kid), who’ve all had plenty of experience lying in depositions just like Daddy.

And New York State Attorney General Letitia James knows it.

On Tuesday, AG James wrote to another Trump nemesis, Judge Arthur Engoron, and asked for all four of the Terrible Trumps to be sanctioned because THEY LIED in their legal filings.

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It pleases me beyond descriptors that a Black woman might be the one who finally ends Donald Trump’s lifelong reign of terrible (and if it’s not James, then it’s going to be Fani Willis), but it’s extra bonus schadenfreude to know his kids are going with him.

You might recall unloved middle child Eric “Gums McGaryBuseyIsProbablyMyRealDad” Trump invoking the Fifth Amendment over five hundred times when sitting for his deposition with the AG regarding the shady dealings of the Trump Organization.

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Just like Big Daddy, who once said “Only the Mob takes the Fifth,” because he’s a wannabe gangster.

Oddly, Vanky and Don Jr defied him by actually answering all of the AG’s questions when they sat for their depositions.

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But apparently, the whole truth wasn’t told then either, because now there will be sanctions.

Sanctions against the Trumps as individuals could result in corporal or capital punishment, incarceration, or severe fines, according to the Google.




Tara Dublin

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