April 2, 2023

CPAC OF WOLVES: Schlapp accuser brings defamation lawsuit against 2nd conservative operative

CPAC OF WOLVES: Schlapp accuser brings defamation lawsuit against 2nd conservative operative

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The former Herschel Walker staffer who accused CPAC Matt “Nothing In This House But Closets” Schlapp of groping him and making other unwanted sexual advances is now bringing a defamation suit against a pal of Schlapp’s beard wife alleging defamation.

The original lawsuit against Schlapp identified his accuser only as “John Doe” and “Mr. Doe,” but Ultra MAGA Mean Girl Caroline Wren — who most recently ran Harmeet Dhillon’s failed campaign for RNC chair and Kari Lake’s failed run for governor, so you know she’s really terrible — had no problem using his name in tweets.

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Raise your hand if you’re in a sexless sham marriage

An attorney for the accuser sent Wren a letter on January 12th demanding that she write a retraction of the statements she had made about his client on Twitter, according to the complaint, but Wren “continued to maliciously post statements about Mr. Doe.”

Instead of just calling her lawyer like most people do when they get sued for half a million dollars, Qaroline just made it worse for herself by tweeting about it.

“Why would [accuser’s real name] sue for defamation because I said he has been fired from multiple jobs considering he was just fired AGAIN from yet another job (this time for being a white supremacist),” she tweeted on Tuesday.

So, that’s full-on classic bullying. If the accuser wanted his name being thrown around, he wouldn’t have asked for anonymity in his complaint.

Plus, that’s some hella projection from the woman who praised her fellow Nazi sympathizers as “Big @KariLake fan. Big #HireHarmeet fan” in her Twitter bio.

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There’s a specific word for women who enjoy being hateful to everyone, but decorum prevents me from using it here.

However, it’s enough to know that Qaroline is besties with Mercedes Schlapp, who doesn’t like it when people tell her the truth about her meal ticket husband.

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Twitter loves any chance to remind Matt Schlapp and his CPAC cronies about his alleged sexual assault and $10 million lawsuit, let’s watch!

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