DENIER DENIED: Texas AG Ken Paxton JUST FAILED in staving off ethics trial

DENIER DENIED: Texas AG Ken Paxton JUST FAILED in staving off ethics trial

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton still believes that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election, and now he’s facing potential disbarment after losing a bid to get an ethics lawsuit dismissed.

The Texas State Bar filed the lawsuit against Paxton last May in a complaint that said Paxton made “dishonest” statements in a lawsuit that stated he intended to toss 2020 election votes in four states.

Paxton has previously said he “completely” stands by filing the lawsuit.

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“No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die”

KKKen is the kind of COVID-denying MAGA politician who leans heavily into conspiracy theories and yet is still the attorney general of Texas (which he thinks should secede from the rest of the United States, but let’s stick to just one Qrazy KKKen story for the moment). It’s fine that nothing in American politics has to make sense anymore.

It’s weird how KKKen keeps forgetting that the Supreme Court threw out the election challenge in December 2020 and there’s never been any election fraud proven anywhere — because KKKen is Qrazy.

He also is a tenacious little Trumper.

A different Texas judge dismissed a related legal ethics case last year against Paxton’s aide Brent Webster, who also was accused of making “dishonest” statements in challenging 2020 election results.

An appeal is pending in that case because MAGAts never lose, they just file another appeal.

But wait, there’s more!

At least three Texas counties — Tarrant, Williamson, and Harris — have sued Paxton and are asking a judge to strike down a legal opinion he released last year that says anyone can access voted ballots right after an election.

The lawsuits allege Paxton’s opinion violates state and federal law, contradicts his own previous direction on the issue, and exposes local elections administrators to potential criminal charges.

Paxton’s office “does not have the authority to make or change the law; that is a responsibility that solely rests with the Texas Legislature,” Tarrant County’s lawsuit says.

The Qrazy will only get Qrazier from here as KKKen will now have to defend himself in court.

Good luck keeping up.

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