April 2, 2023

CAMPAIGN CHAOS: Trump hits the road with MOST INSANE rhetoric yet

CAMPAIGN CHAOS: Trump hits the road with MOST INSANE rhetoric yet

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Donald Trump has spent the time since his 2022 midterm rallies ticked into his safe space at Mar-a-Lago, using Truth Social and the occasional call to a right-wing media program to vent his spleen. Now he’s back on the campaign trail, spouting the same tired rhetoric from his last two campaigns — just lower energy.

In a series of clips you’ll see below, Trump appears at a rally in New Hampshire, where the former president renewed attacks on immigrants and wind turbines while reiterating his complaints about the search warrant executed at Mar-a-Lago and about transgender athletes.

Throughout, Trump seems more worn-out and subdued than in many of his louder, angrier rallies from the last two campaigns.

On the topic of immigration, Trump claims to have coined the term ‘caravan’ for immigrant groups coming to the U.S. and asserts that he advised an unnamed acquaintance to sneak across the border instead of going through the legal immigration process.

He’s got foreign policy takes, too, with an unbelievable notion about the Taliban and their use (or lack thereof) of night vision technology.

Along the way, Trump airs out both his persecution complex, declaring the National Archives to be part of the “radical left,” and his ego, musing on the possibility of awarding himself the Congressional Medal of Honor.

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Perhaps the most bizarre moment in his entire event is when Trump seems to forget how to say “night vision technology” and instead insists that the Taliban never fights at night because they lack binoculars.

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He also complained about transgender athletes, claiming that “men” are being encouraged to participate in women’s sports, and inflated his longstanding bloviating about wind turbines by adding an unsupported assertion that they destroy planes.

In his rant about the search of Mar-a-Lago, he, as usual, characterizes the execution of the search warrant as a ‘raid,” and the order to secure documents he hadn’t turned over as a polite request to add a new lock to a storeroom door.

Complaining about immigration, Trump inadvertently displays his own hypocrisy, claiming he advised an acquaintance on how to enter the country illegally instead of taking the legal (and, even he seems to admit, arduous and hurdle-filled) path.

He also claims to have been the first to label migrant groups as “caravans,” though Mashed Radish‘s Everyday Etymology reiterates that it has been a term for “a group of people, such as merchants or pilgrims, traveling together for security” since the 16th century, and notes that Trump himself first used the term after a Fox News story.

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He also seems to think that boasting about wanting to give himself a prestigious award is a winning take.

For the most part, his rally speech is just a remix of his classic tracks — but he seemed to be either out of energy or conserving it for his second rally later in the day.

Steph Bazzle covers politics and theocracy, always aiming for a world free from extremism and authoritarianism. Follow Steph on Twitter @imjustasteph.

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