January 29, 2023

MASERATI MANCHIN: Senator Houseboat’s latest idea to kill his party’s plans to fix the environment

MASERATI MANCHIN: Senator Houseboat wants to delay tax credits for electric vehicles

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How do you solve a problem like Joe Manchin?


That a Democrat was elected to anything in West Virginia is amazing, but why did it have to be a centrist who always votes with Republicans because he’s exactly like them?

If it’s not abundantly clear to you that Daddy EpiPen Houseboat Maserati only cares about his multimillions, perhaps this visual metaphor will help clarify just what MAGA Manchin really thinks about his own constituents.

Protesters kayaked to Joe Manchin's yacht and asked him if he supports taxing the rich : r/pics
“Man of the people”

So it’s not really surprising to learn that Multimillions Manchin plans to introduce a bill to delay tax credits on electric vehicles because he’s a walking lump of coal.

While I do understand that coal mining is the main industry in West Virginia, I also know humans are killing the planet, to the point that the Earth’s core is literally trying to reverse itself to undo all the damage, kind of like Christopher Reeve as Superman.

Tax credits of up to $7,500 per vehicle are meant to give Americans the impetus to buy American-made EVs to boost both sales and domestic production of vehicles and batteries while reducing planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions.

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It’s that last part that really chaps Manchin’s anthracite ash.

I would bet $7,500 that he only wants to delay this whole thing so he can figure out how to profit from it.

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Manchin’s manufactured reasons shift the blame to “guidelines issued by the Treasury Department” which he claims “allow manufacturers in Europe and other countries to bypass requirements that significant portions of EV batteries be produced in North America.”

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Translation: “I can’t skim off the top.”

Now that Ruben Gallego is going to challenge Manchin’s bestie Kyrsten Sinema, is there an actual real Democrat anywhere else in West Virginia who could do the same with Manchin?

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