January 29, 2023

HISTORIC BATTLE: Students demand Florida Governor stop attacking education

HISTORIC BATTLE: Students demand Florida Governor stop attacking education

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If Ron DeSantis doesn’t back off and allow schools in Florida to implement the AP African American Studies course his administration has banned, he’ll face a lawsuit, a prominent civil rights attorney and a group of students warn.


Ben Crump held a press conference Wednesday, along with a group of students, demanding that the AP course must be reinstated in classrooms across the state, or a class action lawsuit will be filed.

He warned that a state governor is not a king, and cannot “exterminate Black history from the classrooms of Florida [and] across America.”

DeSantis has defended blocking the class on the basis that it includes a lesson on Queer Theory, as well as information on the history of prisons in the U.S. and on intersectionality.

This comes at the same time that the Florida Governor claims to be removing “indoctrination” from schools through a measure that has forced teachers to remove all books from their classrooms or face legal repercussions.

Crump described DeSantis’ actions as leading into “an era akin to communism, that provides censorship of free thoughts,” and called on supporters to “say no to censorship, say yes to community.”

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He cited DeSantis’ recent legal loss, a November case in which a judge slapped down efforts to control viewpoints in universities.

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“As the court wrote in November when it granted an injunction against the university boards, ‘It is not for the state of Florida to declare which viewpoints will be deemed orthodox and which will be forbidden from its university classrooms.’ If Judge Walker’s ruling is to be respected, we must apply the same reasoning to the Advanced Placement African American Studies to be taught in Florida Classrooms,” Crump said.

You can watch the full press conference at the end of this article, including remarks by the students who are prepared to be plaintiffs in a lawsuit against DeSantis and his Administration.

As seen in the clip below, DeSantis has already taken it upon himself to make decisions about what information, exactly, he deems acceptable for Black history courses.

“Now, who would say that an important part of Black history is queer theory? That is somebody pushing an agenda on our kids,” the governor said.


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