January 29, 2023

A-HOLE IN ONE: Trump golf tournament “win” scrutinized

A-HOLE IN ONE: Trump golf tournament "win" scrutinized

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Donald Trump isn’t exactly known for his integrity or honesty, so it should come as no shock that the former president was being less than truthful when announcing he’d won the golf championship held at his Palm Beach County club.


The problem?

Trump missed the tournament’s opening day to appear in Fayetteville at the memorial service for right-wing pundit Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway.

This made the ex-President’s position atop the leaderboard even more surprising to the other golfers, with Trump being several states away when the competitors were playing the beginning rounds.

“Club sources quoted by the Daily Mail described competitors’ surprise when they arrived on Sunday for the second day of the tournament to find Mr. Trump’s name at the top of the leaderboard–five points clear of Saturday’s best performer,” The Independent wrote.

It has long been rumored that Trump cheats at golf – it’s an open secret if you will.

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In his 2019 book, Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump, author Rick Reilly went into detail about the former President’s infamous reputation.

“Trump doesn’t just cheat at golf. He cheats like a three-card Monte dealer. He throws it, boots it, and moves it,” Reilly wrote.

“He lies about his lies. He fudges and foozles and fluffs. At Winged Foot, where Trump is a member, the caddies got so used to seeing him kick his ball back onto the fairway they came up with a nickname for him: ‘Pele.'”

The former President justified his first-place standing by claiming to have played a “strong game” two days prior and made the decision to use that score as his first-day tally.

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I’m almost certain that isn’t how tournaments work.

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“To say ‘Donald Trump cheats’ is like saying ‘Michael Phelps swims.’ He cheats at the highest level. He cheats when people are watching, and he cheats when they aren’t. He cheats whether you like it or not. He cheats because that’s how he plays golf, that’s how he learned it, that’s how he needs it, and whether you’re his pharmacist or Tiger Woods, if you’re playing golf with him, he’s going to cheat,” Rick Reilly explained.

Trump bragged on his social media site that his tournament victory is proof that he has what it takes to be President again.

“In a real way, it serves as a physical exam, only MUCH tougher. You need strength and stamina to WIN, & I have strength and stamina – most others don’t.” You also need strength & stamina to GOVERN!” he wrote.

In fact, his cheating proves exactly why he must never be allowed to hold public office ever again.

Original reporting by Bess Levin at Vanity Fair and by Maroosha Muzaffar at The Independent.

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