April 2, 2023

DIAMOND SEND-OFF: Donald Trump just gave the STRANGEST eulogy in bizarre funeral appearance

DIAMOND SEND-OFF: Donald Trump just gave the STRANGEST eulogy in bizarre funeral appearance

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Donald Trump delivered the eulogy at the memorial service for right wing pundit, Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway, in Fayetville, North Carolina on Saturday.

Things went about as well as you might have expected.

After an over three hour service – a length which Trump not so subtlety took jabs at – the former President finally took to the podium amid chants of “USA,” in a scene more reminiscent of a MAGA rally than a funeral.

“They said about 15-20 minutes, in and out. This is a little longer than 15 minutes, right?” Trump said before turning up the awkward by saying he didn’t know Silk.

“I thought I knew them both, but I didn’t,” Trump began “I knew Diamond, but I didn’t know Silk at all. I just learned about Silk – you’re fantastic.”

Ms. Richardson must have missed that memo.

Prior to introducing the disgraced ex-president, Silk waxed poetic about being “one of the family,” and alleging the former President treated the sisters like they were his own children.


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It  didn’t take long before the 2024 Presidential candidate’s speech turned political.

Trump covered all the predictable hits – from the border, to inflation, and even going so far as to insult Sen. Elizabeth Warren.  He repeatedly referred to the Massachussetts’ Democrat by the racist moniker “Pocahontas.”

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“They allowed their prisons to be emptied out into the United States of America,” the ex-President said in regard to the surge in migrants. “They allowed their mental institutions to be emptied out. And common sense will tell you – if you had common sense, you wouldn’t be doing that,” Trump ranted.

Oddly, the common theme of the day was more about praise and support for the former President than Diamond’s life or death.

“I believe without a shadow of a doubt Diamond is talking to Jesus,” Pastor Mark Burns shouted to a cheering crowd. “She is saying ‘Jesus, please make sure that Donald J. Trump is the next president of the United States of America!”


In a cringe worthy rambling speech, the deceased’s father, Mr. Hardaway, told Trump that he would kiss the ex-President save the fact that he’d never kissed a man.

According to Silk’s eulogy, Donald Trump not only called her after news of her sister’s death spread – but that the ex-President spared no expense on Diamond’s funeral services.

It was something Trump repeated at his turn behind the microphone.

The former President’s obsession with crowds is no secret, which makes the refusal to live stream the crowd at Fayetteville’s Crown Theater all the more curious.

For the entire service, the camera remained fixated on the theater stage – and on speakers like Lara Trump and Mike Lindell.

Perhaps the turnout wasn’t as robust as expected. According to the Fayetteville Observer, approximately 150 people attended Diamond’s memorial service. The venue has a capacity of over 2,400.

The funeral for Lynette Hardaway was a ticket-only, first-come, first-served event. Open to the public, guests were limited to five tickets per cell-phone number.

Washington Press reached out to the company responsible for ticket sales – but the link to the company has been taken down.

There’s been speculation as to the cause of Hardaway’s death. Some people are blaming the coronavirus, while others allege it was the vaccine that took 51 year old’s life.

Silk herself insinuated that being vaccinated is what killed her sister, tying Diamond’s “sudden” death to other mysterious deaths highlighted in recent news.

She then went on to equate the coronavirus vaccine with the sterilization of wild animals – spreading unproven claims of vaccine “shedding” being responsible for Ms. Hardaway’s untimely death.

“Are Americans being poisoned?” Silk asked the agreeable attendees. “In the wild, when they want to depopulate and sterilize a large group of animals, they usually inject one animal. And then that one animal infect the rest of the animals.”


Ironically, Mrs. Richardson was seated next to former President Trump – who is vaccinated.

Even at a funeral, Donald Trump is in capable of letting anyone else have their moment.

He wasn’t there to deliver a eulogy – but to pander to the African-American vote.

Endorsement after endorsement by prominent members of North Carolina’s Black community each praised the former president when they spoke, including the state’s African-American Lt. Governor Mark Robinson (R-NC).

Silk says she and her sister’s Chit Chat Live show will resume next month, and that she has no plans for another co-host.

She does however plan to continue supporting Donald Trump – maybe this time, he’ll remember who she is.

One thing is certain, Diamond’s funeral will go down as one for the books.

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The memorial service opened up with a video of the pair trash talking Megyn Kelly, and ended with Trump claiming the election was stolen.

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You can watch the entire funeral service below.

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