January 27, 2023

SUPPLY CHAIN SABOTAGE: Far-right conspiracy theorist confesses to blocking flow of goods

SUPPLY CHAIN SABOTAGE: Far-right conspiracy theorist confesses to blocking flow of goods

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Far-right conspiracy theorist Leigh Dundas admitted to organizing major supply chain disruptions nationwide in 2021 during a speech at Eric Trump and Michael Flynn’s Re-Awaken American event on Saturday.


Watch the clip below. 

A human rights attorney, Dundas bragged to the crowd about staging a “sick out” by transportation workers unhappy with vaccine mandates.

“How much of a backlog is created when you guys are sick for a day?” Dundas allegedly asked a worker, who reportedly told the anti-vaccination activist that one day causes a month-long backup.

“You’re not gonna get the Fauci Flu for 24 hours,” Dundas said. “You’re not gonna get it for 48 hours – you’re gonna have it for a week. You’re gonna have it November 8, 9, 10, and 11th – two weeks before Black Friday and the start of the Christmas season.”

And catch the flu they did.

Dundas went on to say that she talked with General Flynn, former Trump attorney Lin Wood and convicted insurrectionist, Dr. Simone Gold, about  her plans to organize a coast-to-coast walkout, which the QAnon associate claims spread worldwide.

Luckily, the protest was more of a whimper, than a bang – causing little more than a brief traffic jam in San Francisco.

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A vocal anti-vaxxer, Dundas was a lead organizer of the failed People’s Convoy last February and has spread coronavirus misinformation as well lies about mass voter fraud in the 2020 election.

When a picture surfaced showing Dundas at the Capitol on January 6th, the election denier attempted to deflect from her presence during the insurrection.

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The attorney denied having anything to do with the riot, but that she was helping an elderly disabled woman when the picture just happened to be taken.

Dundas – who was turned into the FBI by a former friend – is seen in a video that she herself recorded repeatedly shouting “Traitor” at police officers.

“This is 1776 all over again. We are fighting for our freedom,” she’s heard saying.

Prior to the violent attack, the California-based lawyer gave an incendiary speech to protesters on Jan. 6th that encouraged the Trump supporters to fight.

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“Stand the hell up because you are far better off fighting on your feet and being prepared to die on your feet than living a life on your damned knees,” Dundas told the crowd.

This was a continuation of the violence-inciting rhetoric used the day before the insurrection, when Dundas uploaded a video saying, “We would be well within our rights’ to take traitorous Americans ‘out back and shoot ‘em or hang ‘em.”

Considering that the conspiracy theorist was speaking at an event held by fellow QAnon believer Michael Flynn, the far-right extremist’s admission of attempting to disrupt the supply chain flow is less shocking than it should be – unfortunately.

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