January 28, 2023

BECAUSE DESANTIS: Florida’s fascist governor just inspired a scathing parody

BECAUSE DESANTIS: Florida's increasingly fascist governor inspires scathing parodies

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A scorching new parody video mocking Ron DeSantis just came out, and it’s not from who you’d expect.


Trump Afterbirth Ron DeSantis was aptly dubbed “Governor White Power” by MSNBC’s Joy Reid. He’s a fresh-squeezed, flaccid Florida punchline and always good for a Randy Rainbow parody when he’s not busy un-electing Democrats from office illegally.

But you can watch at the bottom of this article in just two short minutes and 15 seconds how Miami-based filmmaker Billy Corben flipped the script on Ronny D., a man who is deathly afraid of drag queens and loves to attack the LGBTQ community.

It’s worth the time!

Most recently known for releasing God Forbid, the critically acclaimed Hulu docu-series about the Jerry Falwell pool boy scandal, Corben took it upon himself to mock DeSantis’s flaccid fascist freedom gospel to the tune of musical legend Sir Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing.”

When he’s not making films or tweeting sarcastically, he and his team of Miami-based raconteurs and rabble-rousers produced the parody for his “Because Miami” podcast with national sports writer Dan LeBatard.

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So what inspired Corben and co. to put this bop out?

“On the Because Miami podcast, we call out Florida Fuckery wherever we see it,” Corben told Washington Press exclusively. He continued:

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“We call balls and strikes regardless of what color jersey the batter wears — red or blue. This week alone, DeSantis banned an AP Black History course, demanded public universities turn over medical records on gender-affirming treatment services, and a federal court said he unconstitutionally removed a democratically elected state attorney from office.”

Yup. Who knew someone as insipid, charmless, and witless as Ronald Dion DeSantis of Dunedin, Florida, would provide creatives such as Corben with such inspo?

“‘The Free State of Florida’ is a myth,” Corben rightly says.

“This is DeSantistan, and there is no greater threat to freedom and democracy in our great state than this guy.”

And while we agree that Governor would definitely like to ban this song in DeSantistan’s Freedumb Floriduh because Elton John is a gay icon, it’s mainly because we think he would like it to be on the censored shelf with copies of classic lit like Zora Neale Hurston’s “Their Eyes Were Watching God” from the woman who is Florida’s most hailed Black writer.

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Or maybe he won’t like Corben’s parody because it wasn’t recorded by washed-up, right-wing remnants of a Southern rock band turned casino cover band, like some other songs, ahem.

And unfortunately, at least for now, Ron’s still standing.

Here’s the Billy Corben video:

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