February 3, 2023

QUESTIONING: Did a drag queen just reveal George Santos’ newest alias?

QUESTIONING: Did a drag queen just reveal a George Santos' newest alias?

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Does the GOP’s pathological liar Representative George Santos have an even more ironic secret alias than the half dozen false names we already know?


A popular drag queen in Rio de Janeiro says ‘yes.’

It’s not just her. Brazil’s first transgender woman to serve in its armed forces concurred using her verified Instagram account.

The entire exchange features an image (below) that appears to be Santos dressed in drag.

It’s no secret that Kevin McCarthy’s latest Republican stooge, George Santos, is the worst export from Long Island since half of Palm Beach County’s red constituency landed at Mar-a-Lago.

But here’s where things get a little iffy. It seems that some internet sleuths may have just discovered “Santos’s” latest alias: Kitara Ravache, ravishing drag queen!

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Wait, what?

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The party that punishes restaurants for serving their eggs Benny brunches with a side of draggy sass, the one that would rather your 6-year-old carry a Junior AR-15 than have a drag queen read her Dr. Seuss stories may have a closet queen as their poster boy?

Yup. Just ask drag artist Eula Rochard, who has all the receipts. Here’s her post on Instagram:


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A post shared by Eula Rochard (@eularochard)

Closet queens are to today’s Republican Party as Prince Harry is to unresolved trauma. But this is not your average Schlapp shtick.

This is different.

And, unlike his other alter egos,  it’s definitely him.

George Santos wasn’t just Jew-ish, gay-ish, or felon-ish. He was apparently also Queen Kitara Ravache!

“Kitara,” meanwhile, is a legendary African empire, apparently, so maybe it’s good ol’ George tapping into his nonexistent African roots.

Speaking of roots, that wig, for shame.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Trans activist Bruna Benavides chimed in to confirm Eula’s revelations.

Yes, we know the drag community is a delightful lot of caring, concerned, talented individuals, one which would welcome with open arms and immaculately manicured talons pretty much anyone into their worlds, but not this one.

The one who stole money from a disabled veteran’s dying dog?

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The one who Rachel Dolezaled his entire life story to be accepted by a party of homophobic haters, bigots, and racists?

That one, the one in a cheap wig and dollar store prom dress on the small business and science committees?

Gurl, bye.

We reached out to Devold–er, Santo–er, Ravache’s office for comment, but they’re pretty busy answering to other allegations.

Stay tuned and sashay, shantay, sayonara Kitara!

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