NOT SMART: Stop the Steal stooge thinks he outwitted the Jan. 6 committee

NOT SMART: Stop the Steal stooge thinks he outwitted the Jan. 6 committee

Ali Alexander, who has taken credit for creating the “stop the steal” movement to claim Donald Trump won the 2020 election (which he lost) is now bragging of being just too smart for the January 6th Committee.

It’s a risky declaration, because, while the Committee has been dissolved, the Department of Justice continues its inquiries.

Alexander opened his interview with the Committee by giving a speech, which centered on his innocence in the violence at the Capitol, and his concern that being a Black man and an Arab would make him an appealing choice for a scapegoat.

He says that he and his group were not only nonviolent but “working with officers” and “yelling and screaming at people to stop trying to breach the Capitol.”

Now he says that the Committee deemed him “just some dumb [redacted offensive racial term]” and the panel was just not prepared for him to pull out his champion debate skills.

In fact, he boasts, he “whooped their butt.”

Ali is very proud of his deposition in general.

In fact, he’s bragged about it previously, specifically about defending Trump and Paul Gosar and “our beautiful movement;” about “outing the traitors,” Charlie Kirk and Katrina Pierson; and he even tried to raise money off of it. Now he says:

“I know that I whooped their butt, because I called for them to make my hearing public. They said no three times…I had an ace up my sleeve. I have a champion debate background.”

He goes on to brag that his mother is a lawyer, so he knew the legalese to address the Committee (which interviewed several attorneys), and that he believes “the Committee thought I was just some dumb [redacted],” but “walked into a buzzsaw” when they interviewed him.

It’s not really clear where in his testimony Alexander thinks he “whooped” the Committee, but his pride is visible not only in the interview with Roger Stone, but in social media posts.

In December, he told his fans if they’d donate enough money, he’d work with his attorneys to release an audio version.

[Screenshot via Ali Alexander/Telegram]
It’s not clear whether he is suggesting a re-enactment, but one of the first questions in his deposition transcript is one that’s standard across the Committee’s interviews:

“Can we please confirm that no one in the room is recording other than the official reporting of this deposition?”

Alexander’s attorney says, “No,” and Ali himself says, “We’re good.”

On January 4th, he posted again to declare that his donation goal had been met and an audio version would be forthcoming, so perhaps in the coming days he’ll reveal what, exactly, that means.

As for any tricks he may think he pulled on the January 6th Committee, well, again, the Department of Justice is still investigating, and likely keeping an eye on the social media activity of some key players.

He may have spoken too soon.