DUMBFOUNDED: Ex-chief of staff worried Trump was going to do this to boost his ego

Ex-chief of staff worried Trump was going to do this to boost his ego

This just in: Donald Trump is an uneducated buffoon who knows little or nothing about world history and has practically no understanding of geopolitical affairs.

Ok. Maybe it’s not quite a bombshell, since we pretty much all knew that.

But there are some interesting revelations in the new 12,000-word afterword by General John Kelly to Michael Schmidt’s book, Donald Trump v. The United States.

Kelly served under Trump, first as secretary of Homeland Security, then as chief of staff.

The most concerning accusation leveled by Kelly is that Trump had to be constantly told not to share national secrets.

Essentially, Trump was a blabbermouth who the CoS feared would let slip confidential information in order to impress friends or show off.

For all we know, Trump could’ve passed off the nuclear codes during a round of golf.

Kelly also could not believe how completely stupid and uneducated Trump truly proved to be.

For instance, he didn’t understand why the Korean War had occurred, nor why we’re in NATO.

Basically, his comprehension of world history was no better than a second-grader’s.

As Schmidt told Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe, Kelly originally thought that the Trump administration just lacked organization, but after spending a mere few days there as chief of staff, he realized that Trump “was far dumber and immoral and ignorant and lazy than he ever thought he was.”

Schmidt added, “[W]ithin a few days he becomes terrified because here he is the top staffer to the president of the United States and he’s realizing that the president of the United States is far more limited and potentially dangerous than he ever thought.”

There were also moments that were personally galling to Kelly as a soldier, like when Trump called those who had died fighting for our country “losers.”

The president asked him: “Why the fuck do we think they’re heroes?”

Brilliant thing to say to a four-star general.

Kelly also says that Trump considered replacing Vice President Mike Pence on the 2020 ticket with Nikki Haley, but complained that “She has that skin thing; she doesn’t look good for me.”

Schmidt indicated that this could have referred to what Trump perceived as “blotchiness,” but one has to wonder if it might have been something else about her skin…Hmmm.

In fairness to Dirty Donald, though, it could have just as easily been sexism as racism.

His first criteria by which to judge women (which he does as a reflex) has always been their looks.

And speaking of women in Trump’s life whose role is little more than to look good: Kelly also revealed that there was a rivalry between Melania Trump and Ivanka, who evidently wanted a more prominent role during ceremonial events.

But it was undoubtedly the fear that Trump would reveal our deepest secrets that most kept Kelly up at night.

You may recall Dirty Donald let slip the workings of a top-secret operation to none other than the Russians when Sergei Lavrov and Sergey Kislyak visited him in the Oval Office in 2017, just a couple of months prior to Kelly becoming chief of staff.

We also now know that Trump told Red-Faced Rudy Giuliani that he could take confidential documents home with him.

And, in case you haven’t heard, Trump absconded with potentially hundreds of classified docs and brought them to Mar-a-Lago, where they were about as secure as Trump’s ego.

Perhaps we can turn to Jackie Gleason for the best characterization of the former president, now Florida Guy:

Funny how the GOP is now trying to claim that Joe Biden is a national security threat, yet they had no issues – and continue to have no issues – with his predecessor.

Yet Trump must’ve been a gold mine to Putin and others looking for helpful information.

He was so helpful, I bet, that they probably had a codename for him, as if he was one of their own.

I’m guessing it was “Agent Orange.”

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