January 29, 2023

BOMBSHELL: Besides saying Biden shouldn’t be prosecuted, Giuliani just admitted to doing this for Trump

BOMBSHELL: Besides saying Biden shouldn't be prosecuted, Rudy Giuliani just admitted to doing this for Trump

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Rudy Giuliani has spent a lot of his on-air time over the past two days talking about the documents found in Joe Biden’s home and office, as well as the ones found at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago.


Along the way, he shares that the former president actually asked him to take home confidential paperwork, and suggests that perhaps neither should be prosecuted.

Giuliani spoke about the matter on both a podcast and radio show over the course of Sunday and Monday, largely spending his time on the same tropes that MAGAs have been pushing — the false claim that Trump can’t be held responsible because of declassification power, deflection to both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and of course, Hunter Biden’s purported laptop.

In between, though, he dropped other revelations, including that Trump asked him to take documents home, and, relying on his own knowledge of document classification and handling, he refused.

On his podcast on Sunday, Giuliani insisted that Biden’s alleged mishandling of documents was worse than Trump’s, and argued that Mar-a-Lago is so much more secure that documents there were safer.

Then he drops the bomb, announcing that when he was Trump’s attorney, there was a time when he was vetting potential appointees, and working late into the night reviewing information regarding “some very rich people” with some “very big tax returns,” and Trump urged him to take documents home with him.

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Giuliani said that he refused, but perhaps by the next day he was worried about what he’d revealed about Trump’s trustworthiness regarding document safety.

On his weekday radio show, he weighed in further about both cases, now arguing that documents tend to be ‘overclassified,’ and asserting that perhaps neither the former nor the current president should be prosecuted. He said:

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“When people find out what they are, you’re gonna be surprised, as to both him and Trump, that a lot of it ain’t that serious. They overclassify, in the federal government they’ve been doing it for years.”

You can hear that full episode at WABC Radio, here.

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It was the previous day, on his Uncovering the Truth podcast with Dr. Maria Ryan, however, where he let slip just how lax Trump could be with documents holding sensitive information.

He said Trump urged him to take home documents he was reviewing, and he refused on grounds of security:

“I didn’t take, listen to this, this is my training on top secret, I didn’t take them out of Mar-a-Lago. He told me, oh, take them home with you…I could misplace them! I, you know. I never, never ever ever ever, knowingly, and I never got caught, but I don’t remember ever taking a document…

Ironically, he attacks Biden in both shows for saying that he ‘doesn’t remember’ taking home the documents in question and does not know how they came to be in his office and home, ignoring the number of hands that would have been involved in packing up the former Vice President’s office and transporting boxes.

Clearly his own “I don’t remember” is somehow different.

That full episode is here.

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