February 7, 2023

SPOUSAL SUPPORT: Fox attacks Secretary Buttigieg and his husband savagely fires back

SPOUSAL SUPPORT: Fox attacks Secretary Buttigieg and his husband savagely fires back

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Fox News decided to go after Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg yet again for *checks laws* taking his allowed two months of paternity leave after he and his husband, Chasten, welcomed twins nearly a year and a half ago.


Imagine being so desperate to drag Pete Buttigieg for being gay that you actually submit a FOIA request to find out what he was doing during his paternity leave. Because Fox News did that.

Their article questions “the timing” of the leave because Secretary Pete refused to take certain job-related calls, including one from America’s last living Confederate soldier, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), who wanted to discuss an application for funds toward a bridge in his state.

Is that more important than taking care of newborn twins?

I guess it is if you’re a heartless ancient husk of what might have once passed for a man like the Grasshole, who probably has forgotten that no matter how well you plan for a baby, “the timing” is almost never on your side.

But speaking of timing, Chasten Buttigieg shares his husband’s talent for a well-placed zinger to easily own the haters whose jealousy drives them to bully others because they have to make everyone feel as miserable as they do.

Chasten shot off a tweet to Fox after doing his usual dad-ding on a Friday which also managed to subtweet chocolate freak Tucker Carlson‘s bizarre fascination with a certain “woke” and colorful piece of cartoon candy who wears heels.

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Ah, you can almost smell the burned chocolate from that one, can’t you?

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For all of their Bible verse quoting, Republicans literally cannot let anyone just live their lives the way the baby Jeebus said.

Even a casual glance through American history shows the (white) GOP attempting to micromanage everything they hate and fear into an assimilated mass of compliance so they don’t have to think about anything scary, like their own natural biological urges.

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The truth is anathema to the Republican Party because there’s no way to profit from it.

They’ve now leaned so far into fearmongering while scapegoating all minority communities, the Gross Old Propagandists are falling flat on their hateful faces.

They especially seem to hate the LGBTQIA+ community and cannot abide the mere thought of anyone different from themselves having a happy and healthy marriage with children.

Could it be that it’s probably because they’re in fake sexless marriages?

Who knows, but maybe someone should ask, oh, hi, HELLO MATT SCHLAPP?!

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