April 2, 2023

DISGUSTING: Arizona Republicans showed pitiful pettiness during governor’s inaugural speech

DISGUSTING: Arizona Republicans showed pitiful pettiness during governor's inaugural speech

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Arizona Republicans walked out of the room Tuesday as the recently sworn-in Gov. Katie Hobbs (D) made her inaugural State of the State address.

In her speech, Hobbs re-confirmed her commitment to protecting the reproductive healthcare rights of Arizonans – and the GOP just didn’t like it.

The former Secretary of State got a standing ovation from the remaining legislative members as conservative members left the chamber.

Watch the video below. 

Gov. Hobbs won the neck-and-neck gubernatorial race against her ultra-MAGA opponent, Kari Lake. The former local Fox News anchor is still licking her wounds – complete with accusations of mass voter fraud and a stolen election.

After the Supreme Court overturned 1973’s landmark Roe v. Wade ruling, Arizona Republicans sought to implement an archaic anti-abortion law from the 19th century. But Planned Parenthood sued over the move – and prevailed.

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In October, the Arizona Court of Appeals blocked enforcement of the pre-statehood abortion ban that criminalized the reproductive healthcare procedure.

Former Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich (R) scored a temporary victory when Superior Court Judge Kellie Johnson lifted a 50-year-old injunction against the antiquated abortion law. But with the anti-abortion Brnovich gone — and the newly elected Democrat Kris Mayes officially taking her post — it’s unlikely the action will move forward.

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Almost a month before the November election, Hobbs refused to back down from her position protecting the reproductive rights and choice of her constituents.

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“I’ll do whatever it takes to continue to expand access, including vetoing further restrictions,” Hobbs told KTAR News 92.3 FM in an interview.

“If the Republicans in the Legislature want to actually represent their constituents, they will realize that this law is not supported by most Arizonans, and they’ll do that,” Hobbs said of repealing the pre-statehood ban.

The GOP legislature previously passed a 15-week abortion ban but kept the 1864 restrictive law in place.

Arizona’s fifth woman governor has vowed to bring a constitutional amendment to the voters as a ballot initiative if legislative protection isn’t possible.

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