SAFE REFUGE: So this is where Bolsonaro was hiding out

SAFE REFUGE: So this is where Bolsonaro was hiding out

In the wake of his supporters’ failed coup attempt – based on the lies that Jair Bolsonaro told them about election fraud (Sound familiar?) – everyone and their brother was looking for the former right-wing Brazilian president like he was Carmen Sandiego hiding out somewhere after making off with the Statue of Liberty.

He was rumored to be in Florida, but where?

As it turns out, his location was confirmed by none other than his wife, Michelle Bolsonaro, who posted on Instagram that he was in the hospital suffering from abdominal pain.

So after a failed coup from his supporters, he had some stomach problems, you might say.

Bolsonaro has suffered from occasional pain since he was stabbed while campaigning in 2018.

Evidently, his condition flared up while his bolsonaristas were failing to take over the government in his absence.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the Brazilian leader was taken from his vacation home just outside Orlando to AdventHealth Celebration hospital. The Brazilian outlet O Globo was the first to report on the incident.

Someone close to the Bolsonaros informed Reuters that Bolsonaro’s condition is “not worrying” (unless you’re worried he might recover, of course).

Meanwhile, possibly adding to the right-wing dictator wannabe’s stress is the fact that some US lawmakers, including representatives Joaquin Castro and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have called for President Biden to revoke Bolsonaro’s visa, though he has yet to be directly connected to the rioters’ actions.

If he had, say, given a speech telling them to “fight like hell,” then sent them to the Brazilian congress, then (now we’re just dealing in hypotheticals here, folks) refused to do anything to protect said congress even though it was his responsibility to do so, THEN we would surely have something!

As it stands, the US is yet to receive any official request regarding Bolsonaro’s standing, although one incoming Brazilian legislator has already requested that the country’s Foreign Minister “initiate the extradition” from the U.S.

Revoking a visa is a lot easier than extradition, which requires proof that a crime was committed.

But President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has vowed to track down all of those responsible for Sunday’s events in Brasilia, and if that road leads to his predecessor, he likely will not hesitate to bring him up on charges.

So maybe Mr. Bolsonaro is better off staying in the hospital after all.

As of Tuesday morning, CNN reported that it was unclear if he was discharged yet or remains there.

The food likely isn’t that great, but it’s probably better than anything they might serve in a Brazilian prison.

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