February 7, 2023

JAN 6th PROTEST: Mother of slain insurrectionist Ashli Babbitt arrested

JAN 6th PROTEST: Mother of slain insurrectionist Ashley Babbitt arrested

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On the second anniversary of the death of MAGA insurrectionist Ashli Babbitt, her mother — Micki Witthoeft — was arrested for blocking and obstructing the roadway and for failing to obey a police order, as law enforcement repeatedly asked her and her pro-insurrection entourage to get out of the street.


“You’re arresting Ashli Babbitt’s mother!” cried some of the small group protesting with her, perhaps hoping her notoriety combined with public attention would save her.

Micki Witthoeft could have saved herself from the charges, though — if she’d just backed down when repeatedly ordered to do so by an officer, ironically.

Her daughter was shot by a police officer as she tried to illegally enter the Capitol Rotunda through a broken window, and he death has spawned a mass of conspiracy theories.

The MAGA faction claims that in fact, Babbitt’s death was murder and that the officer had no excuse to shoot an unarmed woman even if she was leading a mob — including some armed with weapons both improvised and conventional — into the room adjacent to the one in which elected officials sheltered, while members of that mob shouted for those legislators to be turned over for execution.

Whether a conspiracy theorist by nature or a grieving and desperate mother clutching at straws, Witthoeft has joined the protests, and in this case was marching on Capitol Grounds, carrying a sign and protesting her daughter’s death.

Police say they formed a line to prevent the group from proceeding along Independence Avenue, attempting to usher them to the sidewalk to continue, and Witthoeft refused.

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From the police press release:

“A woman in the group was given multiple warnings to get out of the road. Instead of getting out of the road, the woman refused to leave, turned around with her hands behind her back, and asked to be arrested.”

Officers complied with her request (in contrast to her refusal to comply with theirs) and charged her with two Capitol Traffic Regulations for blocking the roadway and ignoring a lawful order.

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The video released by her fellow protestors corroborates the police statement.

Babbitt can be seen ignoring their request, making a scene, and then turning and putting her hands behind her back, while the folks with her shout complaints about the arrest.

A much longer video — over four hours in total — was released by the insurrection-sympathetic Freedom Express Media, and can be viewed below.

The video shows Witthoeft being introduced to the crowd as her daughter is praised as a “warrior” and the defendants — charged with assaulting police, destroying property, and trespassing on Capitol Grounds — are described as “political prisoners,” before the march begins.

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An investigation cleared the officer who shot Babbitt of any wrongdoing.

Police in the area of the Capitol Building have reason to be on high alert for the anniversary of the attack in which she participated, especially with tensions high as infighting continues among the Republican party while it repeatedly failed to organize to elect a House Speaker yesterday.

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Correction: An earlier version of this story misspelled Ashli Babbitt’s first name in the headline. We apologize for the mistake.

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