January 28, 2023

NEW OFFENSE: Writer sues Guiliani for sexual harassment

NEW OFFENSE: Writer sues Guiliani for sexual harassment

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An alleged former employee of Rudy Giuliani’s is suing the disgraced attorney and ex-mayor for sexual harassment in a complaint filed Tuesday in the Supreme Court of New York.


Writer Noelle Dunphy, 43, alleges that a business relationship with the former New York Mayor turned romantic before going completely off the rails.

According to Dunphy, Giuliani created a toxic work environment and fired her without cause or compensation for her work, according to The Daily Beast.

Seeking justice against a powerful man is terrifying. Even many lawyers are intimidated by Rudy, and by the idea of taking him on, I can’t be silent any longer.

“Rudy W. Giuliani, the former US Attorney once hailed as ‘America’s Mayor,’ is a sexist sexual predator and abuser,” Dunphy wrote in her summons.

Giuliani denies the allegations.

The Columbia University graduate allegedly began working for Giuliani entities nearly three years ago, but the honeymoon would be short-lived after accusations that the former Trump attorney began demanding sexual favors.

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Allegedly threatening Dunphy with retaliation if she said anything, Giuliani used his relationship with the ex-President to bolster his clout.

The summons includes sexual harassment, legal malpractice, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and breach of contract in its allegations.

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Read the complaint below.

According to Giuliani’s lawyer, Robert Costello, his client is a target because of his high profile, denying any legitimacy to Dunphy’s allegations and the merit of the suit.

“Unfortunately, when you are in the public eye, you become a target for these predators. Any cursory due diligence will reveal that this person is not truthful and any publication of these lies will be purely malicious on the part of your publication,” Costello told The Beast.

While the accusations have yet to be proven, several photos of the pair have been provided by the entrepreneur.

The complaint also alleges that Giuliani used bigoted rhetoric and was frequently intoxicated on the job – causing inappropriate and toxic behaviors that violated anti-discrimination laws in the workplace.

Representing herself in the $3.1 million civil suit, The Daily Mail reported, Dunphy is requesting a jury trial.

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The former Department of Justice prosecutor is facing a treasure trove of lawsuits in the wake of ex-President Donald Trump’s election fraud lies.

While the former attorney is innocent until proven guilty, he definitely has some explaining to do.

Read the summons here.

Original reporting by Pilar Melendez at The Daily Beast.

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