April 1, 2023

NEW DETAILS: How Kickboxer Andrew Tate wound up being arrested (and pizza had nothing to do with it)

NEW DETAILS: How Kickboxer Andrew Tate wound up being arrested (and pizza had nothing to do with it)

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Andrew Tate, a king in the eye of incels and a sick, misogynistic, self-important creep in the eyes of pretty much everyone else, has reportedly been arrested in Romania, following allegations of sex trafficking.

It appears that he — already a fugitive — accidentally revealed his location while having a videoed hissy fit over being insulted by a teenager.

Tate apparently woke up one day unhappy about the existence of Greta Thunberg, a young woman who gained prominence as a climate activist while she was still a child.

Tate seemed to think he would hurt her feelings by talking about his cars, but instead, it was Thunberg who left him feeling injured when she responded with a fake email address that insulted his anatomy and suggested he should get a life.

Well, Tate could not handle that, and went through a series of responses, including tweeting back, “How dare you!” Finally, he resorted to a video post, which went incredibly badly for him.

The video itself was laughably weak, with the ‘influencer’ smoking a cigar and wearing a robe while he suggested that it’s actually Thunberg who has an unsatisfactorily-sized phallus.

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He also accepted the delivery of pizza during the short clip, which rather detracted from the aesthetic of dark wood paneling and other props intended to convey his wealth and importance.

Early reports suggested the pizza had more effect than just throwing off Tate’s video. According to the Daily Star, it actually resulted in his arrest:

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“He taunted her again yesterday brandishing a pizza box – that he said wasn’t going to recycle. But it appears the address on the box tipped off Romanian cops that he was back in the country.”

Officials have since distanced themselves from the PizzaTate story, affirming that they were observing his social media but denying that the pizza was a direct influence.

You can see his self-defeating video tweet below.

Clips of his arrest are being shared across social media.

According to the Daily Beast, Tate had already been the subject of an investigation regarding human trafficking.

His home was raided back in April, amid allegations regarding a missing American woman. Police reportedly found two women, an American and a Romanian, in the building.

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At the time, a Romanian news site, Gandul, reported that the American Embassy had contacted Ilfov police with a report that a 21-year-old American woman, Emma Gabbey, was being held captive at an address in Voluntari, and released video of police walking amongst Tate’s many vehicles.

Tate has said he moved to Romania because he felt law enforcement regarding sexual assault allegations was laxer there.

Thunberg had the last laugh:

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