SCOTUS INTERVENTION: Supreme Court stops Biden from ending Title 42

SCOTUS INTERVENTION: Supreme Court stops Biden from ending Title 42

In a 5-4 decision, the United States Supreme Court dealt a blow to the Biden Administration’s plans for a judicious and humanitarian approach to the migrant surge. On Tuesday the nation’s highest court ruled against ending the Trump-era Title 42 policy, just days before it was set to expire.

This means that the expulsion of asylum-seeking migrants without due process or the potential to apply for refuge will remain in place.

President Joe Biden’s decision to end the Covid-19 policy was met with both resistance and support depending on which side of the aisle you’re on.

Tens of thousands of asylum seekers have been trapped in limbo, awaiting their chance to apply for safe harbor.

With the pandemic managed through the widespread implementation of the coronavirus vaccine and medical treatments that mitigate the severity of symptoms of the virus, many believed the policy was no longer a necessity.

But Republicans don’t see it that way.

Though the reasoning behind the policy was to keep Americans safe from the spread of what was at the time a crippling and deadly virus, it has since been used as a proxy immigration policy instead.

Mixed messages in regard to the fate of Title 42 have caused confusion among those seeking asylum, and those tasked with making sure the legal process is followed.

Attempts by President Biden to increase funding to help with the border crisis have been blocked by Republicans at every turn – all while making false claims that the President doesn’t care about the southern border and is doing little to nothing to mitigate it.

In reality, the current administration has met with the President of Mexico to discuss ways the two countries and other longtime allies can work together to ease a situation weighing heavily on both.

Biden secured a $1.5 billion commitment from his counterpart, President Lopez Obrador, to increase technological security on the southern border.

It’s a fact ignored by mainstream media and the Republican Party.

The President is scheduled to meet with Mexico’s President in January, USA Today reported, where it’s almost certain talks and negotiations will resume on how to best deal with the issue.

The Supreme Court decided to allow an appeal hearing that will take place in February of the new year, to review their challenge.

Surprisingly, conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch joined his liberal judicial colleague – and newest Justice – Ketanji Brown-Jackson in dissent.

“We are a court of law, not policymakers of last resort,” they wrote.

Though this may seem like the beginning of the end, the Court left the door open for Executive branch action.

The Biden Administration won’t be prevented from taking Executive action to end the policy in the interim.

Original reporting by John Fritze and Martina Stewart at USA Today.

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