April 1, 2023

FEMALE TRUMP: Kari Lake steals from the Trump playbook with call to avenge her loss

FEMALE TRUMP: Kari Lake steals from the Trump playbook with call to avenge her loss

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At a Turning Point Action forum on Sunday, Kari Lake managed to stand out in a crowd of crazies, once again threatening the media, her opponents, and in fact the entire country, telling her supporters that she was fighting against communism and that she needs them to “kick some ass.”

Ma Lake played all of her favorite tunes, from her usual election lies to the old Trumpian spiel about the red lights of the media cameras going off because we just can’t take the truth she’s delivering!

While claiming to love the Constitution, Lake evidently isn’t too concerned about preserving the First Amendment, saying the mainstream media’s “days are numbered” and claiming that “100%” of the stories the mainstream media produced about her were negative.

And what’s there not to love about this mean-spirited, lying lunatic?

She asked people in the crowd to raise their hands if they no longer listened to the mainstream media.

Shockingly (considering she was speaking at a conservative event filled with Trump supporters), plenty of hands went up.

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“Some of you probably never did listen to them,” she said, “because I know this is a smart room.”

Yes, we’re sure it was just like a Mensa meeting. You can bet there’ll be plenty of Einsteins and Teslas emerging from that group.

Yet when Lake said that the mainstream media cabal had to “outright steal elections,” even that crowd didn’t know what to do: perhaps one person clapped – really, there were crickets.

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Same sound when she asked how many of them had experienced problems voting on Election Day – an avalanche of silence.

She got a slight reaction when she said her pronouns “are ‘I won,’” once again demonstrating that Republicans don’t know what pronouns are.

But Ma Lake was just finding her sweet spot.

She gleefully accused officials of Maricopa County of illegally “injecting” 25,000 votes, which one can only hope opens her up to a heavy lawsuit because they should sue her for everything from her hat to her sink.

She specifically called out Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates, who has already had to flee for his life from Ma Lake’s mob.

“They have built a house of cards here in Maricopa County,” she raved. “I’m not just gonna knock the house of cards over, we’re gonna burn it to the ground. Burn it to the ground. They’re not gonna steal our children’s future anymore. They messed with the wrong woman.”

She also claimed that each of us has “the blood of the Founding Fathers coursing through our veins.”

Ah, Kari – my ancestors came from Russia, Poland, and Germany.

And, more to the point, we have these people called Native Americans – maybe you’ve heard of them?

Lake went after vaccinations too, of course, telling the crowd “we’re not going to let them force an experimental shot on our beautiful children.” Dr. Anthony Fauci, she said, is an “evil elf” who should be locked up – in a small cell.

And she went into preacher mode awhile, declaring, “we gotta bring God back,” so myself and every other Atheist are out.

Lake may have enjoyed herself most when she criticized the “bastards in the media who want to drag [Trump] through the mud,” which she followed up with an arm-locking “fuck you,” directing herself at the cameras (though it appears that the only media there were the event organizers and perhaps some conservative outlets).

She then nodded approvingly at her own action, as if to say, “Oh, yeah! I nailed that one.”

Right, Kari. It was like watching Churchill.

Ma Lake was on a roll by that point. She even made sure to break out all the conservative favorite hits, including the line that the red lights of the cameras were going off, which, of course, she just made up, just as she does with pretty much everything.

Then it was time for “Miss Lake’s History Lessons.”

She spoke about the “promise” of 1776, then made the interesting (I’ll say) comment:

“That promise is as alive today as it was at the Appomattox courthouse in 1865.”

Interesting because there was no Appomattox courthouse, you idiot – the town in which Robert E. Lee surrendered to Grant was called Appomattox Court House, Virginia. They met in the home of Wilmer McLean.

Perhaps more ludicrously, she claimed that Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and James Monroe were all under 21 when they signed the Declaration of Independence.

She claimed they signed it with “fifty-six others” to save this country.

Ah, Kari, first off, none of those people signed the Declaration of Independence.

And if they had, that would have made 59 people signers instead of 56.

Nor did James Madison, who you later claimed was 25 when he signed it.

Maybe open a history book or check on one of your “facts” every once in a while.

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More important than her incorrect history, though, Lake was once again busy hinting at mob violence, instructing her supporters to go to the state capitals and to Washington, D.C., and “kick some ass.”

They have to do something, she suggested, because the country suffers from “sham elections, rigged elections… being run by fraudsters.”

Kari, when you lose your latest round of nonsense lawsuits, are you going to at last concede, or will you continue to rile up your supporters until the mob installs you as dictator?

I’m thinking you’d prefer the latter. After all, the drek doesn’t fall very far from the Trump tree.

Kari really, really, really hates Ross, you can be sure. But you can like him on Twitter! @RossRosenfeld

Ross Rosenfeld

is a news analysis and opinion writer whose work has also appeared in the New York Daily News and Newsweek. He lives in New York.

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