ROGER STONED: Trump’s biggest sycophant thinks he found the portal to hell and it’s not in Florida

ROGER STONED: Trump's biggest sycophant thinks he found the portal to hell and it's not in Florida

Roger Stone, one of Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters, has been spreading a bizarre conspiracy theory in which he claims that there is a portal to Hell over the White House through which demons travel — and now he’s revealed that he had such strong feelings about the idea that he called on a police officer to check it out.

Stone has spoken about this supposed “portal” several times, seeming to suggest that it’s directly related to Joe Biden’s presidency somehow, and that it somehow incriminates the president.

He’s never gone quite so far as to say how Biden would be responsible for an imagined hole in the air.

A fierce ally to Trump, who the former president in fact pardoned after he was convicted of lying to Congress and intimidating witnesses during an investigation of the Trump Campaign’s interactions with Russia, Stone says anyone can verify that the ‘portal’ exists, without even traveling to the Capital.

It’s visible, he claims, on live feeds of the White House.

Now, he’s shared an origin story for his promotion of the conspiracy theory, and telling about his reactions.

He says that “a Christian who lives in North Florida” brought it to his attention, and that at first he was skeptical — but after examining it himself, he called on a law enforcement pal to check it out.

He claims that even his police officer pal agreed with him that something was going on over the White House. Stone declared, in part:

“It’s like a smudge in the sky, almost like a cloud that doesn’t move, but when you zoom in on it with a telephonic lens, it’s swirling, like a cauldron…The point, of course, is that prophets, who I do believe, and other holy men, have told me that only prayer can close the demonic portal…You can think I’m crazy, go look for yourself.”

EarthTV does offer a 24-7 live cam that shows the White House and the sky above it, which you can check out here. You can also see a sample screenshot below, from Thursday morning.

[Screenshot via EarthTV]
Watch Stone make his claim about magic portals in the clip below.

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