April 1, 2023

NFW: Trump has officially lost it with his latest “major announcement”

NFW: Trump has officially lost it with his latest "major announcement"

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Donald Trump’s big announcement just dropped — the one he’s been hyping up on his social media — and contrary to rumors, it’s not a new political announcement.

However, it is a giant grift — he’s selling digital trading cards, at $99 apiece.

Trump dropped the announcement on his Truth Social, declaring that the cards are “limited edition” and that his fans had better buy them quickly, because he believes they’re going to run out.

It’s important here to note that the cards are essentially NFTs — they aren’t a physical card, just a digital image.

For $99 what does one get?

A picture of Trump, styled as a ‘trading card,’ featuring “amazing art of [his] life and career,” plus an entry into a sweepstakes with opportunities to spend an “unforgettable evening” with the former president, a golf game (one hour) with him, or a Zoom call.

At least it explains why Trump teased the announcement with laughable images of himself as a super hero.

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It may also bring a sigh of relief, after some of his fans spread the rumor that his announcement would pertain to a run for House Speaker.

Trump posted to Truth Social, saying:

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Collect all of your favorite Trump Digital Trading Cards, very much like a baseball card, but hopefully much more exciting….Only $99 each! Would make a great Christmas gift. Don’t Wait. They will be gone, I believe, very quickly!

[Screenshot via Donald Trump/Truth Social]
It’s not clear how many of Trump’s fans are eager to throw away — um, invest — $99 on a digital image, much less as a gift, but the bonuses may draw in some who can afford it.

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The website selling them promises that they’re “not only a rare collectible,” but that each purchase includes an entry into a sweepstakes.

The prizes — see a few below for a sneak peek at the card art as well — include a Zoom call with Trump, an hour-long golf experience with him, a signed photograph, a “memorable evening” at a dinner hosted by the former president, and various other promises of a moment of Trump’s time and attention.

[Screenshot via Collect Trump Cards website]
A word of warning, though, to anyone who thinks they’re getting an opportunity to reach out to a presidential candidate and share their thoughts — most of these prizes are more diluted than hinted at.

The contest rules reveal, for instance, that the dinner with Trump is as a guest at a dinner for 2,000 people; the meet-and-greet is 30 minutes long and hosts 200 people, and one of the Zoom call prizes is for a 20-minute call with a 2,000-person audience.

Even the autographed photo is a digital image, not a signed physical item.

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