CROWN TOOL: Rand Paul just voted to block a bill protecting natural hair styles

CROWN TOOL: Rand Paul just voted to block a bill protecting natural hair styles

If you have the absolute worst hair in the Senate, maybe don’t vote against a bill protecting anyone from discriminating against anyone else’s natural hair, but since hypocrisy has never stopped “Russian” Rand Paul (R-Moscow by way of the Kentucky foothills) before, why would he let anything resembling basic human kindness mix in with the rest of whatever makes him the compromised bitchbox of Ogilvie Home Perm he’s become?

Rand Paul, Cory Booker team up for bipartisan reform of criminal justice system | PBS NewsHour
lol look at that little compromised poodlehead next to superfine Cory Booker

Aside from being a painfully obvious compromised Russian asset, Rand Paul is straight-up racist af no matter how many bills he has to co-sponsor with his colleagues who have more melanin than he does.

The latest example: Rand Paul just blocked Booker’s Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair bill, or the CROWN Act, which would block discrimination against hair styles associated with race or national origin.

As reported by NJ Advance Media’s Jonathan D. Salant, the bill protects any natural hairstyles, “including tightly coiled or tightly-curled, locs, cornrows, twists, braids, Bantu knots, and Afros.”

Sen. Booker created the bill after a high school wrestler in his home state of New Jersey was disqualified from participating because his hair was in locs.

I don’t know a lot about wrestling, but I think it’s against the rules to pull someone’s hair, so this just seems hella racist to me.

But there’s no language in the bill protecting anyone from mockery over their crappy home perms, which I guess brought up all kinds of issues with racist Russian Rand, and that’s why he had to be the Bad Hair Guy here as usual.

Meanwhile, Rando seems fine with co-sponsoring a bill with Booker to reschedule MDMA and psilocybin for therapeutic purposes.

This is a time when I agree with a major traitor to the United States and I don’t like agreeing with traitors.

So I’ll just pretend it’s Cory “So Fine” Booker’s idea.

Anyway, to clear your brain of Rand Paul’s perm, here’s Cory Booker explaining why the CROWN Act is so important for so many Americans.

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