April 1, 2023

GREENEMAIL: Marjorie Taylor Greene targeted Kevin McCarthy before joining forces

GREENEMAIL: Marjorie Taylor Greene targeted Kevin McCarthy before joining forces

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MAGA Republicans are angry with Marjorie Taylor Greene for supporting Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker when the incoming Congress is seated — but one fellow candidate is expressing her displeasure by spilling even more, saying she can prove that the Georgia Representative once wanted McCarthy out — and sought assistance gathering evidence to expose him in extramarital affairs and other scandals.

Greene knows firsthand what it’s like to have personal relationship information out in the public during a political campaign.

Aside from her divorce, her alleged affairs with a personal trainer and a “tantric sex guru” have made headlines, and some of her own former right-wing allies have been recently claiming that she had an affair with Alex Stein, the extremist troll who rose to infamy after filming himself sexually harassing Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Now, some GOP operatives, including failed candidate Laura Loomer, are speculating on what could have convinced Greene to throw their support behind McCarthy, and Loomer is sharing all she knows about how much she knows about Greene’s animosity towards the House GOP Leader.

She says that she received texts from Greene seeking help digging up ‘dirt’ on McCarthy, including information on affairs.

Some of Greene’s former allies are speculating that McCarthy may, instead, be the one with kompromat to hold over her head, although the situation could be as simple as Greene throwing her support behind a candidate who needs it badly and could restore her to the committees from which she was previously removed.

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Appearing on right-wing podcast In The Trenches With Teddy Daniels, Loomer dropped the following bomb:

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“Marjorie had always been very outspoken against Kevin McCarthy. Like, I have text messages with Marjorie Taylor Greene on my cell phone where she talks about how she thinks Kevin McCarthy is so stupid, and how she wants me to dig up all the dirt I can on him and his extramarital affairs so that we can prevent Kevin McCarthy from being Speaker. So it’s a really, kind of concerning, but also, a drastic 180.”

Loomer and various trolls with podcasts aren’t the only ones turning on Greene for her support of McCarthy, though.

Representative Matt Gaetz, once Greene’s closest Congressional ally, has even lashed out at her.

You can check out the video clip below and see what else Loomer has to say about Greene below.

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