DARK TIMES: Multi-state attacks to America’s power grid have feds on high alert

DARK TIMES: Multi-state attacks to America's power grid have feds on high alert

Multiple outlets report an ongoing series of attacks on America’s electrical power infrastructure that has both law enforcement and national security agencies warning of more to follow.

An unsuccessful attack on the power station in rural Moore County, North Carolina, drew national attention when authorities questioned if it had links to domestic violent extremists and white supremacists.

The Pacific Northwest region is facing a multitude of threats, which has already led a federal agency to issue its own warnings for Washington state and Oregon after trespassers cut through a fence at a Portland power facility.

Similarities between the attacks on the east and west coasts are starting to mount.

A new report in Tampa’s NBC affiliate WFLA shows six ‘intrusions’ at Duke Energy power stations on Florida’s west coast and elsewhere in the Sunshine State (map embedded below), which is notorious for its concentration of Ultra MAGA terrorists. NewsNation reports:

“Just days after what officials are calling a “targeted” attack at two Duke Energy substations in North Carolina, NewsNation has obtained federal documents showing evidence of at least six other “intrusions” at Duke Energy substations in Florida.”

Coincidentally, that is the same number of unsolved power grid attacks reported in Oregon in the last three weeks. Those attacks were spread across four different power companies in the two states.

Reporters obtained a leaked memo from the Bonneville Power Administration, a federal clean energy agency, which laid bare the details of what happens when domestic extremists look to disrupt our power grid. Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) reports:

Two people cut through the fence surrounding a high-voltage substation, then “used firearms to shoot up and disable numerous pieces of equipment and cause significant damage,” the security specialist wrote.

Unlike the attack on the Moore County facility in North Carolina, domestic terrorists in western Washington are causing more extensive physical plant damage to the electrical facilities.

Methods include “setting the control houses on fire, forced entry and sabotage of intricate electrical control systems, causing short circuits by tossing chains across the overhead bus work [the electrical wires],” according to OPB‘s leaked memo, and even a “ballistic attack with small caliber firearms.”

All of the incidents have been reported to the FBI, but it hasn’t commented, per its usual policy during ongoing investigations.

The respective heads of the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI have all issued warnings that domestic terrorism has been on the rise in America in the last 18 months.

This new trend of homegrown political violence now threatens to potentially leave thousands, if not millions, of Americans quite literally in the dark.

Here’s a map of the attacks in Florida:

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