January 29, 2023

FILIAL IMPOSSIBILITY: Campaign staffer asked Herschel Walker’s son to do the impossible

FILIAL IMPOSSIBILITY: Campaign staffer asked Herschel Walker's son to do the impossible

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After Herschel Walker’s loss in Georgia, his son Christian has shared more about the inner workings of his dad’s campaign — including that a campaign staffer made contact, pleading with him to get his father to “stop being a moron on tv.”


Christian, a right-wing influencer himself, has spoken out before about his issues with his dad running for office, but this time, he’s delving directly into campaign matters.

He’s shared texts in which an unnamed campaign staffer asked him to help control Herschel’s mouth on the campaign trail.

The staffer described the situation as “desperate,” and asked Christian to pass on the advice to “Read your playbook before opening your mouth.”

Most of all, the frustration of the campaign comes out, though, in the plea to get the Republican candidate to “stop being a moron.”

The younger Walker has also suggested that his dad did not actually intend to be a candidate at all, sharing that former president Donald Trump pressured him into running with repeated phone calls and urging, even as family and friends tried to convince the former football star it was a bad idea.

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He also shared that he’d reached out to the campaign ahead of time, warning them to expect ‘surprises’ — a warning that did not seem to prepare the team for news to break of ‘secret’ children and alleged abortions. NBC reports:

By that point, because of the family information provided by the candidate’s son in January, the staff was prepared for questions about Walker’s other children after it had conducted opposition research into him to anticipate future surprises. The “oppo” book, however, didn’t have information about the abortion story, which rocked Walker’s campaign.

Despite trying to warn the campaign, Christian has made it clear he thinks his dad’s candidacy was a bad idea overall.

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After the runoff election, he tweeted that Trump had pressured Herschel to run, and that Republicans only wanted him as a candidate because he’s Black.

In another tweet, he grumbled that he was called a ‘backstabber,’ but that his dad should be the one criticized for his choices.

“I’m not asking for much by requesting we don’t put up domestic abusers to run,” he added.

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