GROWING PAIN: Kirk Cameron is pissed that drag queens can do this but he can’t

GROWING PAIN: Kirk Cameron is pissed that drag queens can do this but he can't

Kirk Cameron is Qrazy.

The “Artist” Formerly Known as Mike Seaver seemed fine to everyone when we watched him on “Growing Pains,” back in the pre-internet ’80s, but once the steady work stopped coming, Kirk fully gave his life over to GOP Jeebus and now he’s out there living the exact opposite way the Bible teaches people to live, including writing books for kids other than his own.

Kirk Cameron is denied story-hour slot by public libraries for his new faith-based kids book | Fox News
“As You Grow” your Church elders will force you to repress all of your healthy feelings until you eventually express them in a super unhealthy way

The fair and balanced folks at Fox News reported that KKKirk had a bigly bigoted sadness over not being able to indoctrinate kids into his weird Left Behind Christian cult with readings at the same public libraries which had hosted Drag Queen story hours.

His logic: if Drag Queens can read books to kids, why can’t he?

Because Kirk Cameron wants to take his Jeebusy books he wrote for kids into public libraries and indoctrinate children into the GQP cult where the only good love is straight White Christian love.

Drag Queens are reading classic books from Dr. Seuss and other kids’ authors — and looking fabulous while doing it.

As I’ve said before, there’s basically nothing to fear from any Drag Queen except being read to utter filth when the circumstances call for it. And yet those beautiful humans keep getting attacked by the very same people who are preaching the love of “all of God’s creatures” from the other side of their mouths.

KKKirk has also said other “loving Christian” things like “public schools are grooming kids with Critical Race Theory, ‘sexual chaos’, and ‘racial confusion,” which sounds like some hella projection to me.

His publisher, “Brave Books” (lol), whined to Faux News about how there’s just no room at the inn, metaphorically speaking, for Cameron’s special brand of thinly disguised cult-backed hate.

“We have not been approved for a single book reading of ‘As You Grow’ from any library yet,” Brave Books said in a statement.

If you promote yourself as a publisher of “Children’s Books You Can Trust,” as Brave Books does, maybe back that up with some content not steeped in pretending an invisible Sky Daddy is watching at all times and is ready to punish them for whatever bad thing they do.

I guess I do know who needs to hear this, but Imma say it anyway: Drag Queens aren’t trying to indoctrinate anyone’s children into a cult, Henny.

They welcome all the children, and there’s a reason they use that word. But drag queens use it in the safe haven way, not the way the misinformed, carefully taught, willfully obtuse have chosen to believe.

KKKirk is going to keep crying about this, so Twitter is going to keep dragging him for it. I love it when the saner heads prevail.

Tara Dublin is a woefully underappreciated and unrepresented writer currently shopping a super cool novel that has nothing to do with politics while also fighting fascism on the daily.

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Tara Dublin

Tara Dublin is a woefully unrepresented writer who thinks more people would read her cool rock & roll love story inspired by Dave Grohl than any ghostwritten GOP crapbook, agents & publishers. Follow Tara on Twitter @taradublinrocks