January 29, 2023

LOBBYING SCANDAL: Rubio denies knowing about colleague’s Venezuela ties, but questions persist

Rubio denies knowing about colleague's Venezuela ties, but questions persist

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Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has broken his silence following the arrest of his former friend and colleague, David Rivera for being a lobbyist for Venezuela’s regime.


When asked about the arrest, Sen. Rubio did what he always does – denied knowing anything about it.

This is despite the two having shared a house together in the state’s capital in 2015.

“Rubio’s dealings with Rivera emerged Monday night after federal authorities arrested and charged the former Miami lawmaker with eight criminal counts, including money laundering, conspiracy, and failing to register as a foreign agent for work allegedly connected to the Maduro regime,” POLITICO reported.

The Senator acknowledged meeting with Rivera in 2017 to discuss the communist-ruled country.

The pair got together at a private home in the nation’s capital, before meeting several days later at a hotel, but the inexplicably reelected Florida Senator vehemently denies he was aware of any connection between his former pal and the communist regime–something Rubio loves to wax political on.

A meeting that included an associate of President Nicolas Maduro’s, Raul Gorrin, who reportedly wanted a sit down with then-President Trump, to personally deliver a letter from Venezuela’s authoritarian President.

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According to POLITICO:

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“CBS Miami’s Jim DeFede asked the U.S. Senator about his relationship with Rivera, and the former congressman’s association with the Venezuelan government, to which Rubio replied ‘Everyone’s hoping that there’s some linkage to me,’ he said back in August. ‘Not a single one of these articles claims that there is and if they did, they’d be lying.'”

Rubio denied that he and Rivera had any conversations regarding the foreign agent’s work with, or on behalf of, Venezuela’s President.

“I can tell you this,” the Senator said, “It had nothing to do with me. We’ve worked closely, but not on this.”

Occupy Democrats reached out to the Senator’s office, but has yet to receive a reply, which is curious considering when OD previously contacted Rubio’s team, the response was immediate – telling Occupy they couldn’t comment because we were not based in Florida.

However, when reaching out again using the company’s Florida address – crickets.

Our question? What is Rubio hiding?

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Ty Ross

News journalist for Washington Press and Occupy Democrats.

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