January 29, 2023

FORGET THE POLICE: This GOP congressman wants to defund the military

FORGET THE POLICE: This GOP congressman wants to defund the military

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Representative Greg Steube (R-FL) says that he supports the members of our armed forces — and he’s going to show it by defunding the military, using Congressional power to impose punishment for requiring members to be vaccinated against deadly diseases.


After COVID-19 vaccines were released, Republicans seemed to suddenly become aware that the military imposes medical rules and restrictions on its members, requiring them to be vaccinated against a host of diseases, and in fact, to receive additional vaccinations for some deployments.

Of course, they’re only expressing concern about one set of vaccines: those that protect against COVID-19, after the GOP and its media allies have worked to politicize both the virus and the vaccine, spreading conspiracy theories that claim vaccines contain microchips or are actually secretly killing people en masse.

Now that Republicans have taken control of the House, they’re preparing to use their power to carry out a vengeance agenda, but it’s not just Democrats and the FBI they’re targeting.

One Republican has declared war on the military, in fact, at least as long as it continues to require vaccinations.

Steube, who has previously engaged in anti-vax propaganda, is lashing out at the Department of Defense for daring to maintain medical requirements and says that House Republicans will remove funding from the military if they don’t drop vaccine requirements.

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He appeared on Fox News to say:

Thankfully we took the House, Republicans took the House, and we’re going to make sure that those type of things aren’t happening, when we do the appropriations process. and demand to do away with the COVID vaccine or they’re not gonna get their funding.

You can watch the clip below.

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Steube previously floated legislation to prevent organ donation programs from requiring recipients to be vaccinated. He threatened to pull funding from these medical providers, too, warning that allowing unvaccinated patients to receive donated organs would be a requirement for participation in the Medicare program.

Like the military, organ transplant programs have a particular interest in keeping participants alive and healthy, and typically enforce rules to that effect, which may include not only medical treatments but dietary restrictions and other lifestyle changes in order to be eligible for participation.


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