February 7, 2023

DOOM & GROOM: Gaetz’s accomplice is going to prison for child sex trafficking

DOOM & GROOM: Gaetz's accomplice is going to prison for child sex trafficking

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Joel Greenberg, aka Matt Gaetz’s favorite Florida pimp, was sentenced to eleven years in federal prison on Thursday after fully cooperating with the FBI’s sex trafficking investigation.


The former Seminole County tax collector had previously pleaded guilty to underage sex trafficking, wire fraud, stalking, and three other felony charges, including conspiracy to bribe a public official.


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Before the sentencing, Greenberg’s lawyer told a federal judge his client “deserved leniency” for his crimes because he assisted in investigations of 24 people, including eight involving sex crimes, the AP reported on Thursday.

CNN reports that Greenberg’s attorney, “Florida” Fritz Scheller,  said he was “disappointed” that the Justice Department hasn’t charged anyone else as part of the sex-trafficking investigation.

Scheller previously said in court that Greenberg gave investigators information about “seven or eight other men” regarding their illegal sexual contact with a minor.

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“We expect the federal government to take on the hard cases and not just the easy convictions,” Scheller said, urging prosecutors to “pursue others.”

“Others” beginning with Rapey McForehead himself, please?

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CNN also reported that the judge in Greenberg’s trial was none too happy about Daddy Gaetz using his influence to keep Matty out of stir.

While cleverly never mentioning Gaetz by name, District Judge Gregory Presnell said it was “concerning” that there are “extensive investigations ongoing with no end in sight.”

Oh really, Judge? Tell me more.

“The government has had a lot of time to conclude those investigations,” Judge Presnell said at a hearing Wednesday about how much credit Greenberg deserves for helping prosecutors. “Why they haven’t – I don’t know. I’m not privy to that. I’m not entitled to that.”


I might have a personal motivation to see justice delivered to ol’ Matty Fivehead, because he chose to use his official government Twitter account to encourage his followers to harass me after I dared write a factual article about him.

Snowflakes in Florida = me getting rape and death threats while absolutely nothing has ever happened to him.

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I’ll just say it’s a frustrating experience to file TWO separate complaints with the House Ethics Committee and have them do absolutely nothing and leave it at that.

Meanwhile, Twitter was also questioning why Gaetz skates when Greenberg is going to prison.

Tara Dublin

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