January 29, 2023

DELETED: Only after he hailed Hitler did the GOP remove their tweet hailing Ye

DELETED: Only after he hailed Hitler did the GOP remove their tweet hailing Ye

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After Ye’s long-winded pro-Hitler rant, the GOP finally went back and deleted a tweet expressing support for him. This, before Twitter finally deleted Ye (again). 


House Republicans on the Judiciary Committee were on Team Ye in October, when the rapper formerly known as Kanye West was hit with backlash for his outrageous, often antisemitic views, but this time he may have finally gone too far.

On October 6th, Ye’s shirt sporting the slogan “White Lives Matter” was the center of public discourse, prompting expressions of distaste.

Ever happy to “own the libs” by supporting anything that might be deemed offensive, Republicans and their media counterparts piled on to declare their appreciation for West’s self-expression, and the House Judiciary GOP Twitter account posted a tweet simply reading, “Kanye. Elon. Trump.”

Almost two months later, Ye has appeared on Alex Jones’ conspiracy-promoting network to tell his side of things, which would perhaps make sense if his side wasn’t literally a love of Nazis.

Yes, literally — he went off on a tangent about how great he thinks Adolf Hitler was, particularly for inventing things like highways and microphones (neither of which the Holocaust-leading bigoted German dictator actually invented).

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Back in October, the House Judiciary GOP’s tweet (presumably posted by their ranking member, Jim Jordan) seemed to express joy in Ye’s embrace of white supremacy, along with Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, and Donald Trump’s ongoing fight against decency and democracy.

While Ye has made numerous antisemitic and otherwise unsavory statements since, Musk has worked hard to destroy Twitter, and Trump has continued to associate with white supremacists and bring his party down, it apparently took the explicitly pro-Hitler rant to make the GOP cringe.

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The Daily Beast‘s Justin Baragona shared a link to the tweet at 1pm, as Ye’s rant was shared all across Twitter, commenting, “Still up!”

About half an hour later, it was gone. Baragona tweeted a screenshot.

Ye didn’t stop at praising Hitler.

He also complained because Alex Jones made a reference to “evil Nazis.”

Ye responded, saying that he doesn’t like the word “evil” next to the word “Nazis,” because he loves Nazis.

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You can see that clip below:

However, Ye’s appearance on Jones’ show, alongside Nick Fuentes, wasn’t all about Nazis.

The pair also complained about Donald Trump’s efforts to distance himself from Fuentes after a recent dinner party.

So, perhaps the deletion of the House GOP’s Kanye support wasn’t even about the Hitler love at all — but about Ye and his crew daring to speak out against Trump.

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