February 6, 2023

REELED IN: MyPillow peddler Mike Lindell was just fined for another con

.REELED IN: MyPillow peddler Mike Lindell was just fined for another con

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Mike Lindell has been sanctioned by a District Court for his “fishing expedition,” in which he sent a slew of subpoenas for election data whose “breadth could not be greater,” all with no evidence and at great cost to the counties that he targeted.


U.S. Magistrate Judge Phillip Green has quashed one of these subpoenas, and ordered Lindell to pay up and cover the costs to the county because his request was “unduly burdensome.”

Lisa Lyons, County Clerk for Michigan’s Kent County, called upon the court to prevent the subpoena from being enforced, saying that complying — turning over masses of records for the election systems, including security keys and passwords — could cost the county millions of dollars.

She argued that Lindell has no real reason to suspect any wrongdoing in her county, but was just desperate to find any “scintilla of evidence” to lend support to his baseless claims that the 2020 election was “stolen” with the help of Dominion voting machines.

Lindell’s attorney admits he sent similar subpoenas to 37 counties, and that he was trying to gather information to defend himself against a defamation lawsuit from Dominion, but argued that this is not a “fishing expedition” as the judge determined, because there is “no other way to get the information.”

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She does not appear to have addressed the fact that her client made these hefty allegations without having said information.

M Live reports:

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“U.S. Magistrate Judge Phillip Green on Tuesday, Nov. 29, granted a motion by Kent County Clerk Lisa Posthumus Lyons to quash Lindell’s subpoena…The judge ordered the county’s attorney to file a report for costs within 14 days. Lindell then has 14 days to respond.”

Lyons released a statement expressing appreciation for the ruling, and clarifying how unnecessary his attack on her county’s election was:

“A robust audit conducted in 2020 confirmed Kent County’s election was secure, transparent, fair, and accurate…Mr. Lindell and MyPillow sought to abuse the court system to harass Kent County, the dedicated County Elections staff, and burden its taxpayers in a shameful attempt to rewrite history.”

It’s not Lindell’s first time facing sanctions in his pursuit of imaginary election theft, either — Bloomberg reported earlier this year that US District Judge Carl Nichols had ruled that multiple claims the pillow hawker had made in his lawsuit against Smartmatic, which also makes machines for election processes, “fall[] on the frivolous side of the line,” and agreed that he should reimburse Smartmatic for legal fees and other costs incurred.

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