January 29, 2023

GOSSIP HURL: Once her biggest fans, right-wing trolls are now trashing MTG with tawdry tales

GOSSIP HURL: Once her biggest fans, right-wing trolls are now trashing MTG with tawdry tales

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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has been adulated by internet trolls, right-wing podcasters, and election deniers, but the extremist livestreamer demographic seems to be fresh out of love, and are now mocking the Republican Congresswoman, speculating on her sex life, and spreading rumors about her alleged infidelity.


Greene is in the midst of a divorce, but there have long been rumors that her love life and marriage were two separate stories.

She has denied stories about her alleged affairs with a “tantric sex guru” and a personal trainer, and when she confirmed that she’s on the receiving end of a divorce, she had only positive things to say about her marriage and husband.

However, livestreamer Anthime Gionet, who goes by the screen name Baked Alaska, and who pled guilty to a misdemeanor after videoing himself at the Capitol on January 6th, says he has more dirt on Greene, claiming on a recent livestream that he’d received information suggesting she also had a tryst with another right-wing extremist podcaster, Alex Stein.

He and others are angry with Greene for a halfhearted disavowal of Nick Fuentes, the white supremacist who has been getting Republicans from Greene and Paul Gosar to Donald Trump in trouble by association.

Stein gained increased prominence after posting a video in which he sexually harassed Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, shouting opinions about her body on the steps of Congress.

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After that, he and Greene suddenly appeared as best buds — and it seems that her own following believes they became more than friendly.

Here’s what Baked Alaska had to say, in a clip captured by PatriotTakes:

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I just got a text message, I’m not gonna say from whom, but it’s pretty high up there in the command, pretty credible source…Alex Stein allegedly hooked up with Marjorie Taylor Greene while she was married, and f***ed up her marriage and she’s a wh*re basically and now she’s coming after people like Nick Fuentes to save her ass.

The clip can be viewed below.

Gionet pled guilty in July for his role in entering the Capitol Building, but NBC reports that his sentencing isn’t scheduled until January.

He seems prepared to spend some of that time trashing Greene’s reputation with her fan base.

Greene, who won re-election, has upset more than a few of her supporters since, not only by a nominal distancing of herself from one extremist influencer, but through throwing her support behind Representative Kevin McCarthy for House Speaker, when the majority of the q-anon conference is calling for a leadership change.

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