February 7, 2023

PUKE REIGN: Plans for GOP foreign policy leak out like sludge

PUKE REIGN: Plans for GOP foreign policy leak out like sludge

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In an unsurprising move, Republicans confirmed their plans to reduce military aid to Ukraine when they take over the House. Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) told the host of ABC‘s This Week that Congress doesn’t need to pass “Democrat bills” to help the war-torn country.


“We don’t need to pass $40 billion, large Democrat bills to send $8 billion dollars to Ukraine,” Turner told co-anchor, Martha Raddatz. “It’s been very frustrating obviously, even to the Ukrainians, when they hear these large numbers in the United States as the result of the burgeoned Democrat bills,” The Hill reported Turner as saying.

With millions driven from their homes by continuous missile attacks – and half the country without basic necessities like electricity and running water – it’s highly unlikely that the Ukrainian people are spending their days keeping tabs on the actions of politicians half a world away.

But we are talking about Republicans, so…

Since the start of Putin’s war, many in the GOP have gone all in on their support of Russia. Spouting anti-Ukraine rhetoric and blaming the sovereign country for Russia’s illegal invasion.

In May, 57 Republican Congresspeople, and 11 Republican Senators voted against the Democrat’s $40 billion aid bill.

Just a month ago, Speaker of the House hopeful, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), suggested that Republicans may “pull back” funding for Ukraine.

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Republican politicians and right-wing pundits have criticized President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party’s financial support as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky fights to save his country and its people.

While Turner stopped short of telling Raddatz that Republicans would cut off all aid to Ukraine – it’s not a completely farfetched possibility.

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who wields a significant amount of power within the party – despite not being a politician – has called for cutting all funding to our ally.

The Republican lawmaker claims the GOP only wants to crack open the books and see where the money is being spent. The party has accused Democrats of inflating the cost and spending money unrelated to Ukraine’s war effort.

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According to The Hill, Turner said Republicans will make sure that Ukraine “gets what they need,” including critical weapons like air defenses after Russia has pounded the country with a wave of missile strikes.

“We need to make certain we work with partners and pull together an air defense system … to defend Kyiv, to defend their infrastructure.”

The congressman purports to have had a conversation with President Zelensky, telling Raddatz that he informed our ally that he would have the support of both parties when the GOP assumes the majority.

But if history is an indicator, what Republicans say and what they do are usually on different pages.

Original reporting by Brad Dress at The Hill

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