February 8, 2023

BASE INTIMIDATION: Trump won’t apologize for Fuentes dinner for fear of alienating his MAGA base

BASE INTIMIDATION: Trump won't apologize for Fuentes dinner for fear of alienating his MAGA base

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If you’re waiting on Donald Trump to condemn Holocaust denier, Nick Fuentes, don’t hold your breath.


The former President rejected his advisers’ advice to denounce the unapologetic bigot, telling his aides, “Look, I’m not going to denounce Nick Fuentes. The best I can do is say I don’t know him,” Hugh Lowell at The Guardian reported.

Worried that Trump would alienate a significant portion of his base, those close to the ex-President urged him to speak out and publicly condemn Fuentes – but he refused.

Something that should be surprising to no one.

Watch the video below.

Despite his aides preparing statements that would allow Trump to put distance between himself, and the Mar-a-Lago dinner heard around the world, the ex-President was adamant about not directly criticizing the far-right influencer.

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“Trump ultimately made clear that he fundamentally did not want to criticize Fuentes – a product of his dislike of confrontation and his anxiety that it might antagonize a devoted part of his base – and became more entrenched in his obstinance the more he was urged to do so,” The Guardian reported.

The former President made several posts on his failing Truth Social media platform, downplaying his dinner date with Ye — and claiming to have no knowledge of who Nick Fuentes is. Even if one was to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, his history of dog-whistling to those on the alt-right fringe is well documented.

Fuentes was present at the 2017’s anti-semitic “Unite the Right” in Charlottesville, Virginia which left one counter-protester dead. 32-year-old, Heather Heyer, was killed after neo-Nazi, James Alex Fields, deliberately drove his vehicle into a crowd protesting the anti-Jewish demonstration.

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Trump infamously said there were “good people on both sides,” however, only one side was chanting “Jews will not replace us.”

Sources close to the six-times-bankrupt businessman — who recently announced his bid to be the GOP’s 2024 candidate for President — are concerned that his refusal to  “play ball,” will ultimately damage his campaign.

Alienating the centrist Republican base, unimpressed with Trump’s association with extremists and the fringe wing of the party, is a ship that has already sailed for Trump as the midterm election results demonstrated.

High-profile GOP losses in the 2022 midterms were an indictment of the ultra-MAGA movement — voters overwhelmingly rejected Trump-backed candidates for statewide office in key battleground states.

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That’s a good thing.

Watch the video with Lowell below.

Original reporting by Hugh Lowell at The Guardian. 

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News journalist for Washington Press and Occupy Democrats.

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