December 3, 2022

DANGEROUS LIES: Herschel Walker’s disgusting defamation of Sen. Warnock hits new low

DANGEROUS LIES: Herschel Walker's disgusting defamation of Sen. Warnock hits new low

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Herschel Walker accused Rev. Raphael Warnock of sexually abusing children in an unhinged speech that has many urging Sen. Warnock (D-GA) to sue the Heisman Trophy winner.


“He’s not what he claims to be,” said the Georgia Republican candidate for United States Senate. “Some of the best people that know him the best say, he’s not…he’s not.”

Watch the video below.

The barely coherent Walker elaborated on his baseless accusation, telling the Georgia crowd:

“Y’all know what he did at that camp as well? Y’all may not have heard this. This young man said there was a sexual abuse, and there was abuse.”

“I’m like, ‘who did that?’ It had to be Senator Raphael Warnock cuz’s he’s responsible for it,” Walker stated matter of factly — despite zero evidence.

The Trump-endorsed nominee has apparently resorted to the age-old GOP tactic of making wild, unsubstantiated claims on the campaign trail — designed to do little more than smear and slander his opponent in a race that’s a dead heat.

Both candidates failed to secure at least 50 percent of the popular vote on November 8th — sending the Democratic incumbent and his Republican challenger to a runoff to be decided on December 6th.

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Rev. Warnock is the pastor of the late Martin Luther King Jr’s Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and this isn’t the first time that the GOP has tried to derail his campaign with deflection and lies. But the brazen lack of truth, and horrendous accusation by Walker has voters crying foul.

Walker’s slander is prompting calls for Warnock to sue. One tweeter called Walker’s comments “irresponsible,” saying the Reverend must push back on the lies, and take quick action.

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Herschel Walker’s lies are especially dangerous at a time where political violence is on the rise, and the right has used baseless claims of sexual abuse and pedophilia to demonize members of the LGBTQ community — leading to unprovoked attacks that have not only terrorized innocent people, but played a hand in violence against them.

This is a new, though unsurprising, low for the Republican party. Sen. Walker recently filed a lawsuit against the state of Georgia for voter suppression efforts leading to the Dec. 6th runoff.

With details of Walker’s past (and present) coming to light — allegations that the anti-abortion candidate encouraged and paid for multiple abortions as well as confirmation, from Walker himself, that he fathered several children outside of wedlock — he may want to sit this one out.

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Ty Ross

News journalist for Washington Press and Occupy Democrats.

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