November 26, 2022

KIBOSHED: Even Republicans think this guy is going to fail as Majority Leader

KIBOSHED: Even Republicans think this guy is going to fail as Majority Leader

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Compromised sniveling spineless rat bastard traitor “Kremlin” Kevin McCarthy (Q-CA by way of Putin’s undercarriage) called Donald Trump on January 6th to beg him to call off the MAGA crowd attempting to break through the windows of his Capitol office.


“Well Kevin,” Trump famously replied, “I guess these people care more about the election than you do.”

McCarthy would later stand on the House floor and hold Trump fully accountable. And then he made a pilgrimage to Mar-A-Lago afterward and was once again gargling Trump’s taint before long.

What’s the kompromat on ol’ Kremlin Kevin?

SYCOPHANT: House GOP leader excused Trump's J6 behavior to officer injured in MAGA attack
Trump: You know what you can do with that thumb, Kev McCarthy: Let me know where you want it first, Daddy!

It’s kind of amazing that literally no one has any faith in McCarthy, yet he’s poised to run for Speaker again thanks to gerrymandering handing the GOP a wafer-thin margin in the House.

I still say Merrick Garland needs to thin the Congressional herd of all of its seditious traitors during the Lame Duck session, but no one ever listens to my great ideas.

Outgoing Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who sits on the bipartisan January 6th Committee that’ll probably be disbanded about three seconds after the 118th Congress is sworn in, says that McCarthy will fail as the Majority Leader because he’s made too many promises to too many terrible people.

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“I think he has cut so many deals with bad people to get to this position that I think he’s not going to be a leader at all,” Kinzinger told co-anchor Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday.

“I think he will be completely hostage to kind of the extreme wings of the Republican Party,” Kinzinger predicted. “And I, frankly, don’t think he’s going to last very long. Maybe he will prove me wrong. But it’s sad to see a man that I think had so much potential just totally sell himself.”

Meanwhile, the spineless coward went on Faux News to brag about how much fun they’re all going to have being terrible for the sake of being terrible for the next two years.

Hey KKKids, let’s put on a show for Daddy Trump and the MAGAts!

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McCarthy promised host Maria “MAGA Money Dummy” Bartiromo that Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Eric Swalwell (D-CA), and Adam Schiff (D-CA) will all be removed from their respective committees if he becomes Speaker of the House in January.

“I’ll keep that promise,” McCarthy said, broadcasting his lack of any spine whatsoever. “I will not allow [Swalwell] to be on Intel. You have Adam Schiff who had lied to the American public time and time again. We will not allow him to be on the Intel Committee either.”

All Republicans who chose Trump over America belong in prison right now because people who commit treason should be held accountable instead of getting to decide what happens to our country. Seems like most people agree with my take, but MURICA, right?

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Tara Dublin is a woefully underappreciated and unrepresented writer currently shopping a super cool novel that has nothing to do with politics while also fighting fascism on the daily.

Follow her on Twitter @taradublinrocks.

Editor’s note: This is an opinion column that solely reflects the opinions of the author.

Tara Dublin

Tara Dublin is a woefully unrepresented writer who thinks more people would read her cool rock & roll love story inspired by Dave Grohl than any ghostwritten GOP crapbook, agents & publishers. Follow Tara on Twitter @taradublinrocks

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