November 28, 2022

GRIFTERS RIFT: Why is Ivanka Trump breaking from her family?

GRIFTERS RIFT: Why is Ivanka Trump breaking from her family?

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Ivanka Trump appears to be separating from her father politically and financially.


Not only was she noticeably absent from his presidential announcement, but last week, her attorneys argued on her behalf that she should not be subject to oversight from a court-appointed monitor examining the transactions of the Trump Organization and its key executives.

As initially reported by the Daily Beast, on Thursday, attorneys for the former president’s eldest daughter submitted letters to Judge Arthur F. Engoron, who is overseeing the $250 million lawsuit brought by NY AG Letitia James against the Trump Organization, arguing that Ivanka Trump is no longer associated with the Trump Organization.

Engoron has ordered that Barbara S. Jones, a former federal judge chosen by both sides in the litigation for her fairness and impartiality, be given latitude to examine any documents that will provide her with “a full and accurate description of the corporate structure.”

The order allows the company to continue to operate freely while the litigation proceeds, as it does not require the Trumps to submit to an analysis of their daily business practices.

However, Jones has been specially instructed to ensure that the Trumps – long known for inventive accounting – cannot submit phony documents to banks or insurance companies.

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Also, everyone involved must provide 30 days’ notice before moving any assets – as the judge, not considering it a coincidence that the Trumps created a company called Trump Organization II on the same day James filed her suit – has a legitimate fear that they would seek to hide things (The Trumps? No! Those innocents? Who could believe it?)

Although Ivanka’s name has not come up before during the proceedings, the attorney general’s office has noted that she was heavily involved in the Trump Organization when much of the fraud took place.

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For this reason, Engoron (rightfully) refused her request.

Other rifts in the family have been showing as well.

Ivanka made headlines earlier this month when she appeared to crop her brother Little Donny’s fiancé, Kimberly Guilfoyle, 53, who can best be described as what one might get if a lunatic shtupped a megaphone, out of a photo from sister Tiffany’s wedding.

Later Ivanka posted another photo on her Instagram account with Guilfoyle reinserted.

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Yet something tells me it might be a rather uncomfortable Thanksgiving for the Trumps this year.

In a way, Dirty Donald can’t really be critical of his daughter.

After all, she learned from the very best when it comes to being a shameless opportunist who will pretty much throw anyone and everyone under the bus if it means moving herself ahead an inch or two.

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