December 6, 2022

ILL-WILL HUNTING: How Republicans think Hunter Biden’s laptop will solve America’s problems

ILL-WILL HUNTING: How Republicans think Hunter Biden's laptop will solve America's problems

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Republicans said that voters worried about inflation, the border, and foreign policy should support them in the midterms — but now that they’ve won the House, they say their top priority is vengeance investigations of the Biden family.


While ignoring that inflation is a global issue, Republicans insisted that it was due to President Joe Biden’s policies, and that if they were just given power in Congress, they could put an end to policies from support of Ukraine’s defense to the imaginary anti-oil policies they’ve fabricated, and bring down prices on gasoline, groceries, and other human needs.

Now, Republicans seem to think all the answers lie in a laptop obtained through the sketchiest of chains of custody.

They’ve produced a lot of big empty conspiracy theories about the president’s son, Hunter Biden, who, in a complete reversal from the prior administration’s nepotistic style, does not have a job in the White House or an advisory position on any boards, does not appear on news media to speak on his father’s behalf, and in fact, has not made any apparent efforts to become a public figure or grow his wealth and status by utilizing his dad’s job.

Despite this, Republicans claim that he’s used his father’s political prowess to enrich himself, and that there are sleazy backroom deals — of which they provide zilch for evidence.

Still, Donald Trump was investigated throughout his presidency, because he kept doing things that either were or seemed corrupt and crooked, so his fanboys have to make a good showing by carrying out investigations of President Biden.

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In fact, they say it’s their top priority.

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From the BBC:

The White House said the inquiries were politically motivated.

Spokesman Ian Sams said: “Instead of working with President Biden to address issues important to the American people, like lower costs, congressional Republicans’ top priority is to go after President Biden with politically motivated attacks chock-full of long-debunked conspiracy theories.”

Though they’re lobbing allegations of corruption and misconduct at the president, Republicans don’t plan to subpoena him — instead, they intend to drag his son into hearings.

This forces Biden to make the choice between standing by while Hunter is put through a string of politically-motivated hearings, or to act in protection of his son, giving his persecutors more ammunition for their claims.

Below, see James Comer (R-KY) explain why the committee will drag an individual who isn’t involved in politics through the mud, and through a series of Congressional investigations, but won’t subpoena the political figure they’re actually accusing:

It’s complicated to subpoena a President of the United States.

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