December 2, 2022

RNC REFLUX: Despite epic losses, this MAGA Republican thinks she deserves a second shot

RNC REFLUX: Despite epic losses, this MAGA Republican thinks she deserves a second shot

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I’m old enough to remember when Ronna Romney McDaniel spent a lot of time slamming Donald Trump, then somehow became fully compromised fast enough that she willingly dropped her birth name because Trump hates her Uncle Willard (a/k/a Mitt).


We’re also still currently around the same age and therefore remember vividly when Ronna Romney McDaniel testified to the January 6th Committee that she offered the RNC’s full backing when Trump asked (that’s MAGA code for “demanded and threatened”) her to help him overturn the 2020 Presidential election results. That should have led to her immediate arrest, but instead, Ronna Romney (I refuse to let her get away with any other name) is running for another term as RNC Chair.

So, who’s not above the law in this country, again? Because Trump is threatening to announce a 2024 run and Ronna Romney is going to help him try to steal that one, too.

RNC chair McDaniel defends Trump record, says GOP more united than divided

Trump is the most repulsive subhuman to ever slither above ground, yet there’s Ronna Romney happily compromised into subjugation.

POLITICO reports that Romney announced her intentions on a Monday call with RNC members despite a dismal midterm election for Republicans, who had hoped to win control of Congress but failed spectacularly. Democrats have maintained their hold on the Senate (SUUUUCCK IT, MAGA), and political prognosticators are having fun trying to figure out how the final 19 House races are going to play out.

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Romney said on the call she would run for reelection “if the members wanted her to,” and that she “heard from many who do,” which is Trump-speak for “She’s the only one who wants this,” while adding that she intended to move forward. So, she was going to do this whether they wanted to or not, because she’s acting just like Trump because she’s in a cult.

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Ronna Romney’s RNC won’t pay for Trump’s legal bills if he runs in 2024, which puts him in a tight spot because he never wants to pay for anything but he also has to keep up the public front that he’s not collapsing under the weight of all of those lawsuits in New York, Georgia, and Washington, DC.

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The bottom line is that Ronna Romney McDaniel belongs in prison along with Trump for their attempt to interfere in the certification of the 2020 Presidential election. Let’s hope Merrick Garland plans to do a whole lot of Lame Duck hunting.

Tara Dublin is a woefully underappreciated and unrepresented writer currently shopping a super cool novel that has nothing to do with politics while also fighting fascism on the daily.

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Tara Dublin

Tara Dublin is a woefully unrepresented writer who thinks more people would read her cool rock & roll love story inspired by Dave Grohl than any ghostwritten GOP crapbook, agents & publishers. Follow Tara on Twitter @taradublinrocks

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