December 2, 2022

FINAL BREAK? Fox News dumps Trump again, omitting him from their 2024 GOP candidates list

FINAL BREAK? Fox News dumps Trump again, omitting him from their 2024 GOP candidates list

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Donald Trump has completely lost the backing of one of his most generous benefactors, Rupert Murdoch, and it’s been a long time coming. Aside from the scorching front pages of his various fishwraps, Murdoch is clearly sending a message to Trump through the teevee via Fox News: BYE, ORANGE FELICIA!


Maybe he should hold off on that “announcement” like everyone around him has been telling him.

On her show “The Faulkner Focus” (which sounds like it’s an advanced literature course at a small college in a sleepy Southern town, but sadly isn’t), Fox News host Harris Faulkner gave her take on who might be the best GOP candidate to run against President Joe Biden in 2024, and while she came up with a list — let’s call it “The Unlucky 13” — somebody’s name was conspicuously absent.

I don’t ever want to agree with someone on Fox News, but Harris Faulkner isn’t wrong to leave Trump off that list. Running a dead potted plant would be a more effective strategy for the GOP.

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And pretty much everyone knows this, including the Orange McMenace himself. He knows he’s over, but he can’t let on that he knows. How he manages to breathe through that thick smokescreen is beyond me.

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Now, I’m writing this before Trump’s “big announcement” on Tuesday, and it hasn’t yet been a full 24 hours since the January 6th House Select Committee tweeted about him not showing up to testify, so it’s all kinds of weirdness going on right now. It’s also possible Trump is hoping Putin will take care of this and all of the other bad things happening to him by starting World War III instead.

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There sure is a whole lot of “how can we miss you if you won’t go away” energy with the MAGA Republicans right now. Not only does nobody want Donny to run again, but they also don’t want Ronna Romney McDaniel to keep her gig. Weird how none of them can take a hint.

Tara Dublin is a woefully underappreciated and unrepresented writer currently shopping a super cool novel that has nothing to do with politics while also fighting fascism on the daily.

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Tara Dublin

Tara Dublin is a woefully unrepresented writer who thinks more people would read her cool rock & roll love story inspired by Dave Grohl than any ghostwritten GOP crapbook, agents & publishers. Follow Tara on Twitter @taradublinrocks

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