November 27, 2022

POLL WATCHER THREAT: Dinesh D’Souza suggests shotguns as a form of voter intimidation

POLL WATCHER THREAT: Dinesh D'Souza suggests shotguns as a form of voter intimidation

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Dinesh D’Souza floated the idea of “cleaning your shotgun” near ballot drop boxes, even after other MAGAs have been ordered to lay off the voter intimidation tactics. D’Souza framed the idea as a joke, but it follows less than a week after another right-wing group, operating on the same false election-fraud claims, was told that armed “observers” would have to back away from ballot drop boxes.


D’Souza and Clean Elections USA both claim that voters acting as “mules” are illegally delivering piles of fake ballots to drop boxes, although a judge has ordered the leader of Clean Elections USA to post an admission on her social media that there are many cases in which someone can deliver multiple ballots legally. The judge also had to order the group’s volunteers, who are gathering to watch the drop boxes for these alleged mules, not to brandish their weapons within 250 feet of the boxes.

Even so, voters continue to complain of voter intimidation tactics, with the latest reports saying that at least an additional 8 incidents in Arizona alone have been reported to law enforcement. Other states, too, are reporting complaints from voters who say they were yelled at, harassed, or photographed while simply trying to cast a vote.

This all makes it particularly egregious that D’Souza and FlashPoint host Gene Bailey casually joked about firearms at ballot drop boxes, and about the effectiveness of that tactic in scaring away would-be “mules” or voters, in the last hours remaining to cast a vote in the 2022 election.

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From their conversation:

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D’Souza: The left is like, “That’s voter suppression!” Well no, it’s not voter suppression…now, don’t interfere with voters. Don’t be cleaning your shotgun outside the drop box. But if you’re merely there…that’s perfectly legal.
Bailey: I don’t know, cleaning the shotgun may have the desired effect. But I do understand what you’re saying.

This all while ABC is reporting that voter suppression complaints continue to rise, including at least one complaint in Arizona of harassment of election officials. Meanwhile, in North Carolina, there have been at least 14 incidents reported, according to WITN, including allegations that observers followed election workers in their vehicle, and photographed curbside voters.

As voters continue to report similar incidents, it seems voter intimidation is a far more frequent real issue than any so-called election fraud.

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