December 4, 2022

TRUMP INDICTMENT: Is Merrick Garland finally ready for the big battle?

TRUMP INDICTMENT: Is Merrick Garland finally ready for the big battle?

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After first addressing the more immediate threat of Trump stealing classified documents, Attorney General Merrick Garland has now shifted his attention to piercing the “executive privilege” veil in order to plug some of the holes left after the January 6 Committee hearings.


It’s been reported that the AG has secured testimony from two key figures surrounding former VP Mike Pence: his attorney, Greg Jacob, who was in “the room that it happens” for much of what occurred and has criticized the nonsensical legal concoctions of John Eastman, and Marc Short, Pence’s chief of staff.

As NY Magazine first reported, their testimonies are currently under seal by the D.C. District Court. An attempt by Trump’s attorneys to seek relief from the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals was summarily rejected. Now Justice is coming for WH Counsel Pat Cipollone and his deputy, Patrick Philbin, who defended Trump during his 2020 impeachment trial.

The decision as to whether to force them to testify rests with Chief Judge Beryl Howell, who has not been very receptive to arguments from the insurrectionist president’s attorneys before.

Garland has also been ramping up his staff, bringing on David Raskin and David Rody, the former a federal prosecutor with national security credentials, the latter known to work as a conduit with deal-cutters who have decided to cooperate.

The attorney general also has not ruled out the possibility of appointing a special prosecutor. In short, he appears to both have his ships firing their cannons and seems to be fueling more ships to send into battle.

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It won’t be a simple process, of course: Dirty Donald will continue to look to tie things up in knots by bringing all sorts of litigation (most likely paid for with political funds he solicits from rube donors). After all, he’s playing a time game: There are strong indications that he’ll announce his candidacy for president in 2024 after the midterms. If he wins the presidency, he’ll quickly quash any investigations against him. But even if he doesn’t win, he knows that he can disrupt Garland’s efforts with his candidacy, though the AG has said that a Trump candidacy would not deter DOJ investigations.

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Undoubtedly, Trump will also seek intervention from the Supreme Court, which could very well rule in his favor. And there’s always the possibility that Don Donald of the Trump Crime Family safeguarded himself with coded language and – as Willie Cicci might have acknowledged – with “buffers.”

Still, any information uncovered by the DOJ could be harmful to Dirty Donald’s electoral efforts if it becomes public. And Trump already must worry about his tax returns being exposed and about ongoing efforts by NY AG Letitia James to prove fraud against the Trump Organization.

Initially, Garland was reluctant to go after the previous occupant of the White House when he took over the DOJ. But there has been continual outcry from liberals (like Keith Olbermann) for him to do more, and perhaps he’s at last responding.

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Al Capone was continually harassed by Eliot Ness and was then nailed by determined IRS agents. Dirty Donald is taking hits from Tish James and has the G-Men on his trail.

Of course, between Trump and Capone, it’s hard to say which more fits the profile of a psychopathic thug – though easy to say who has proven to be more dangerous.

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